TIMESHARE CLAIMS Frauds and illegalities involving sales and contracts

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Frauds and illegalities involving sales and contracts for Time Share products in various holiday resorts in Spain are very common.

Following the recent Decision from the Supreme Court in Spain, dated 15/01/2015, it was stated that Timeshare Contracts would be Null and Void i under the following conditions: Read more.....

1.- Unlimited Time / Perpetuity.
2.- Those understood to be (Floating Weeks).
3.- The clients that have paid money during the first three months of signing the contract, as it is prohibited by law.
In these cases, clients can not only get rid of and cancel the contract, but they can also request the return of your money (and double the amounts paid within the first 3 months of the contract), and also legal interest and court costs.

We are currently representing hundreds of clients with absolute success.

You can view the following link which more clearly explains the process: