Companies who are issuing warnings about Praetorian Legal

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Companies who are issuing warnings about Praetorian Legal
« on: October 21, 2018, 10:59:21 »
Companies who are issuing warnings

Independent operators [nofollow]... [nofollow]... [nofollow] [nofollow]... [nofollow] [nofollow]...

Timeshare Industry Associations [nofollow] [nofollow] [nofollow]

The Timeshare Consumer Association [nofollow]...

Supporting Websites and Companies

Canarian Legal Alliance (CLA) Mr Eugene Kizer [nofollow]


Inside timeshare [nofollow]

Charles Thomas and Mr Eugene Kizer (proprietor of Porto Atlantico Timeshare Resort)

Eze Group Europe Ltd

Website closed by the police

Other Comments and reference

The company is controlled by Mr Gary Smith and Mrs Karen Smith the directors have had a checkered past, have assisted in Eze group perpetrating frauds, certified that selling practices are lawful when not, have been questioned by police are being investigated. have hired criminals to perform legal services, have sold insurance products which do not exist, they have run insolvent company’s and dealing with them or their associated company is highly risky.