Judges no longer able to view bank records ‘without suspicion’

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Judges no longer able to view bank records ‘without suspicion’

Judges uncritically favouring banks ‘should resign’, High Court master Honohan says

It is hard for judges to view bank records “without suspicion”, given recent banking scandals, and any judge who knowingly and uncritically favours banks in litigation “should resign”, the Master of the High Court has said.

Master Edmund Honohan made the comments on Friday when dismissing a fund’s uncontested application to enter final judgment against a woman for about €944,550, including interest.

The woman did not appear in the Master’s court and was not represented.

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In his written decision, the Master stressed “any” outcome in the Master’s court “is ‘check’ and not ‘checkmate’” and not final unless a plaintiff so chooses.

He observed that, following two recent Supreme Court judgments, “it is going to be more difficult for a vulture fund to get summary judgment, even in an uncontested case”.
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