Praetorian Legal Ltd - Mercantile Claims – Timeshare ‘The wages of Sin’

Started by David Cox, June 25, 2019, 10:07:52

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David Cox

Praetorian Legal Ltd - Mercantile Claims - Timeshare 'The wages of Sin'

Many will recall all past and present owners/Directors of Praetorian legal [Praetorian] and Mercantile Claims Mercantile [Mercantile] were managerially involved with Eze Group and when it mis-sold, their corrupt brand of Leisure Credit products.

Mr. Gary Smith was the 'director of compliance' at Eze Group and his wife Mrs. Karen Hesker-Smith ran the Leisure Credit Association.   The facts show, the Eze Group crime family - target Timeshare consumers and when doing so, invited them to sale presentations.   In the confines of those sales presentations, the court heard how badly consumers were treated.

The courts ruled; the Directors were found guilty of offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.   These offences related to misrepresentations regarding the selling of 'Leisure Credits' or 'Concierge Services' (a 'holiday and lifestyle' product) and connected legal assistance - that was provided by Praetorian Legal - controlled by the Smiths and a director of Eze Group.  Noteworthy the product was aggressively sold and with applied coercion. When the legal services which were provided, those services were conducted under the direction of the Smiths and in partnership with the Eze Group crime boss - Mr O'Reilly.

When Eze collapsed, the alleged sale of legal services by Praetorian Legal continued despite Eze Group Directors being arrested charged and now convicted for the crimes they perpetrated. In that backdrop, the now debunk Leisure Credit Product still causes financial misery to the many consumers who bought them.

When the huge scandal was exposed and arrests were made, both Praetorian and Mercantile tried to distance themselves from Eze, composing and publishing missives denying all knowledge of the scam, yet its Director of compliance Mr. Smith gave witness testimony to the High Court that showed he was at the heart Ez,  was employed to protect consumers and in the Eze Groups compliance department. His wife Karen; was also a Director at Praetorian and officiated over the Leisure credit association which was also controlled by Eze Group.

Praetorian and Mercantile Claims were and still are assisted by a struct off solicitor 'Mr. Ian Benbow' who's fall from grace landed him in Prison for stealing money from client accounts.

With the loss of work from Eze crime family, Praetorian Legal continued with another Leisure credit sales company who like Eze had significant complaints. When the torrent of complaints escalated, the Smith again tried to distance themselves and created many fake websites in which to defame others and deflect timeshare topics - elsewhere.

In need of a plan and to set themselves above other real legal service providers, Praetorian Legal the Mercantile claimed to have been granted a legal insurance indemnity policy, which by all accounts would cover any client legal costs in the event the timeshare resort challenged Praetorian's termination notices.

It must be stated that; if this was true - Praetorian had found and created a great legal product. Believing they had, the Smiths announced their claim in the mainstream press and boasted the prestigious accolade - everywhere.

Many lawyers were taken back and were astounded that such an insurance model existed, accordingly scuttled off to their own insurance brokers demanding access to this fantastic policy. Alas no 'A' rated broker could find it. Many were told no-such insurance existed in the marketplace and that Praetorian must have developed the policy with others and retained rights over the selling of it.

When created, Praetorian offered the policy to Mercantile and in order to access the insurance policy, Mercantile suggest that it could only be viewed online and directed its clients to visit the webaddress and then log in using the password 'Romans623!' The term Romans 6:23 is a reference in scripture which states 'for the wages of sin is death.

This information was given to us by a client whom we have assisted. The client is 70 years old and was cold called by the Timeshare Advisory Board [TAB] who claimed he was mis-sold his 'Tropical Park' timeshare 20 years ago and needed urgent 'legal advice'. On account of the mis-selling, the contract could be cancelled - he was told, and compensation would flow. TAB explained Miss Nataly Dougan would be in contact shortly and to advise.

She did call and explained that she represented the Timeshare Advisory Board however, upon arrival then claimed to represent 'The Claims Solutions Group Ltd' [CSG] who were Solicitors.

After delivering her legal advice, she went on to explain a fee of £4,396.00 plus vat was required which totalled £5,247.00.  It must be stated neither Miss Nataly Dougan nor The Claims Solutions Group Ltd is solicitors.  The Claims Solutions Group Ltd' is headed up by Mr. Bryn Wilson (another ex-timeshare who worked for the Eze Group crime family as a salesman).

When the 70-year-old client was roped in, the matter was passed to Mr. Wilson who passed the client to Mercantile who then claimed the payment agreed.

Pausing here for one moment - the 'Timeshare Advisory Board' - claims to be a 'board' and 'advisors' thus, anyone would believe, they were qualified to advise. They do not post any contact details, other than a Manchester telephone number 0161-850-6426 and I now understand TAB is owned by Havelock Consulting Ltd of 7 Stirling Business Centre, Wellgreen, Stirling, FK8-2DZ which is a Marketing Company (salespeople).  Accordingly, TAB is incapable of delivering the legal advice suggested.

The payment was made and when made, the invoice provided did not contain a VAT number, our client being concerned became alarmed, therefore, got in touch with a sales member who became flustered and passed the case to Mr. Smith.

Smith claimed in his response- Mercantile had taken advice from 'Queens Counsel' in respect to the product sold by 'Tropical Park' and their QC claimed the product was a 'long-term holiday product' not a timeshare. It should be noted that Long term Holiday products are referred to in the 2010 Timeshare Regulations however, the product was bought 11 years before those regulations were brought in, so this alleged advice was incorrect as the product sold was a 'floating timeshare'.

In a later letter, Mercantile then having received its payment claimed no compensation was available so, the promised claim tanked but - thanks for the money.

That said, they would terminate the timeshare. No termination notices or any correspondence came to light but Mercantile provided an insurance policy to protect the client in the event the termination notice failed.

This policy suggested that our client was covered for £10,000 of legal cover. So, in the absence of a claim and no agreed termination, Mercantile was selling Insurance. Mercantile asserted its insurance cover was provided by 'All Round Travel Services Ltd' which is headed/Directed by 'John Fosbery' and was a £1.00 company. The declarations evidenced show his company has never traded. In the filings, 'John Fosbery' claims he is a 'Risk Manager' and lives at 9 Elm Rd Oldham OL8-3UQ.

When Mr. Fosbery was approached and asked to provide a copy of the policy, he became very agitated and stated he was asked to draft one, however, when Mr Smith received a draft copy, they failed to pay for the services provided and did not want the cover offered. So, the upshot is no one is covered, and the insurance cover is fake.

In desperation, our client explained the Smith owed him money and we suggested he should immediately contact Praetorian Legal and demand they pay back to him the money they took. In response, Mr Benbow (jailed Solicitor) issued a threating letter to the client, however, ended the letter by offering to pay all his money back. That said, our client would be subject to a gagging clause.

So, there is no insurance, the houses are burning, no cover is available and 1,000's of innocent consumers are exposed.

The story as told has been, reported by our client to the Police, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Insurance Ombudsman Service, Trading Standards, Action Fraud and the Law Society. by the Smiths, Mr Benbow, Praetorian Legal, Mercantile Claims, Bryn Wilson and The Claims Solutions Group Ltd.[/left]

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At present they are investigating the matter and have serious concerns.

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