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Started by TimeshareTalk, July 26, 2019, 10:00:06

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The company Donaldson Bruce Associates or DBA has been brought to our attention this week again by a consumer who received a cold call.

We heard about this company a couple of months ago, but now they seem to have come back with their offers to claim.

The caller who said he was working for DBA - Donaldson Bruce Associates, asked if the consumer was an owner at any of the resorts he had listed, and yes among the names are given the resort of the consumer was included.

The pitch was then that they had been doing claims for the resorts on their list and as the claims had been successful they were now looking for more owners at the same places to offer them claims as well.

Mentions or evidence about these successful claims done by DBA cannot be found though...

With a bit of research, it became clear that the actual company behind this DBA is another one, Hardwick Chancery.

This company was mentioned at the end of 2017 on our blog, as they actually were also cold calling and offering claims, which turned out to be Section 75 claims.

You can find the full story on the following link

The pitch used by DBA and also the informative brochure send out after the initial cold call, are very similar to the one used by Hardwick Chancery.

DBA does not seem to be registered at the Companies house so it is a trading name for Hardwick Chancery.

Why if you were so successful would you start using a different company name?

Of course, if consumers want to do a consumer act claim they can choose to do this themselves or use a third-party company for this.

But it seems very odd that a company is cold calling consumers clearly with their private details and membership details in hand when the consumer has not asked for this call.

Companies should give a clear and acceptable explanation of how they obtained such private details.

There are also comments from consumers who state they said straight away they never used a credit card and still they were offered a claim.

By Mind Timeshare

Athena Law Solicitors

I usually do not comment on companies but some of the things this company have been saying to consumers on the phone is an utter disgrace.

Their set up has the hall marks of a scam.

it they wish to crawl out from the shadows and threaten defamation they know where we are.
Athena Law Solicitors

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