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Started by TimeshareTalk, November 06, 2019, 15:33:41

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Newby on the cold caller list is Timeshare Expert Assistance. For the moment they seem to be targeting mainly owners from Azure resorts / Golden Sands.

The agent calling from Timeshare Expert Assistance puts a lot of pressure on the owners by stating their resort will soon go into administration and all those who have a timeshare with them will lose their investments.

That sounds stressful!

But, the member is still on time to take action and they can do so with the help of Timeshare Expert Assistance.

The timeshare owner is offered a home visit by one of their "experts" to assess the situation with a view to taking legal action to recover the investments.

Timeshare Expert Assistance is supposedly based in Manchester as they use the telephone number 0161 738 1789.

But their website https://timeshareexpertassistance.com/ does not contain much more information, and as a matter of fact, it does not even mention an address or telephone numbers.

All you get is a Contact form and an email address: info@timeshareexpertassistance.com

The website was registered last month September, so that is not even 1 month they have been around.
No Companies House number, no names of legal companies that would be handling the supposed claims, nothing.
Please be careful whom you invite into your home and to whom you submit personal and private details.
As far as we know, lawyers do not really come to your house to assess a claim.

When receiving cold calls as mentioned above, always do your research, ask questions and get real facts.


APC Investigations

 They are not a Manchester Company and calls are diverted to Spain

Meridian Litigation Advisors SL


Athena Law Solicitors

When will people learn. Regulated solicitors and claims management companies cannot cold call. Their regulators prohibit marketing this way. If you are speaking to a cold caller they are either not regulated or regulated and are willing to act in complete disregard of their regulators which either makes them incompetent or untrustworthy.
Athena Law Solicitors


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