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Hawaii on Oxygen!

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Hawaii on Oxygen!
« on: March 28, 2006, 17:54:09 »
Bill carefully arranged in advance a line of oxygen from Denver through a three Hawaiian Island trip. A portable oxygen concentrator borrowed from Lincare in Denver provided oxygen in the car and enough stored residual air to go through the terminal.  Security checked the unit thoroughly but passed it because of recent FAA regulations. Then to a wall plug until boarding.  United provided their own tanks for the flight to and from Hawaii and do not allow use of the portable on board.  A full size concentrator was waiting at the timeshare on Kauai along with tanks.  Inter Island Air allowed the portable on the flight and again through security.  Wheelchairs are available at all airports with attendants if needed.  Boy, is this a hard way to go to the head of every line! Oxygen equipment was again waiting at the timeshare on Maui.  Inter Island Air again to the Big Island with a concentrator at the timeshare. 40 feet of cord at each timeshare to walk around the condo.  Tanks to go shopping and to restaurants.  We drove all around each island for three weeks. All equipment was returned on each island to that company except the portable. It was expensive, but for a last fling it was a wonderful trip! Bill wen[:)]t scuba diving and snorkeling but I skipped that. And everyone we met was so nice!  If I can do it, how about you?  Any comments about such travel from and in Europe?