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« on: June 18, 2008, 16:43:35 »
Hi All[:)]

Have been back a few days from my 3 weeks holiday in Gran Anfi so thought it was time to do a 'wee' report.  Now i know that GA isn't in Interval but its sister Monte Anfi is and its next door. The Anfi resorts are just magic - everyone knows by now how much i love it there as have been going to Monte for the past 8 years.  Its not for everyone as some folk may find it too large, especially if you enjoy small more intimate resorts.  But i feel real at home there, plenty of eating places near and its very safe to walk around.  

I still think its handy to hire a car when going to Anfi as a taxi to the resort now costs 48 euros each way, but there is a good bus service once you get to the resort which i was told is very efficient. There is also a boat you can get to Mogan from the local eMarina which is very popular especially on market day. We found having the car handy as used it in the evenings as would go and eat at Playa del Ingles, it was also useful for doing shopping outwith anfi where the prices are over inflated.

There has been much talk about increase of prices in the UK but its nothing compared to how the prices have shot up in the past couple of years in the anfi shops and restaurants.  They have a captive audience and the local shops are very very expensive.  If you go just a fifteen minute walk to Arguineguin there is a new Spar (as big as our Tesco) where the prices are at least 40% cheaper.  They have a large fresh meat counter and fresh fish counter where you get a ticket out of an electronic machine and wait for your number to appear on a screen for getting served.  I watched in amusement one day as two spanish women nearly came to blows when someone with NO TICKET got served before them, it seems that shop rage happens everywhere.

The soft drinks were so much cheaper in there,  my coke zero was 49cents and 99cents in anfi. Nicks smirnoff ice 1-35 and 2-99 in Anfi If you are staying at Anfi with a family and have no car then its definately worth getting a taxi as only a couple of euro's.  The restaurants are also very expensive, we went to a newly opened Indian one night where we had one main course each, shared a rice, shared a naam bread, one sparkling water, one beer and it came to 51 euros.  Many holidaymakers were going into Peurto Rico but we don't like it there so would drive to Playa del Ingles where we have some favourite restaurants we enjoy going to.  When Nick left and i was alone i didn't bother eating out (apart from twice when asked by folk i had met around the pool) i was quite happy staying in (as didn't get back to apartment till 8-30pm) eating a sarnie and watching the tv.

The owner who built these resorts died 2 years ago and his son took over, he has been doing loads of maintenance everywhere being painted.  The pools have all been revamped, with new non slip tiles being installed - they were doing Peurto Anfi (which is underneath Monte while we were there) All the grounds were in best condition and i seen and i have never seen the flowers looking so lovely.  The heart shaped island next to the marina was just bursting with colour and we had a walk around it every day, often getting ourselves a take away roll and drink and would have a 'wee' picnic while watching the world go by.

There is not much difference between the resorts, the newer ones such as Gran Anfi and Tauro have more up to date furnishings but thats about it. We took a drive out to their latest addition Taura and went in past the reception to see if we could have a look at their rooms.  We had heard they are very modern and retro, but was informed you have to be accompanied by a REP and they gave us a room plan which made me smile.  Its looks very posh and has lovely pools but it is in the middle of nowhere next to a golf course.  The most telling thing was that there was not one holidaymaker to be seen, was like a ghost town, so i for one would hate to be stuck out there as its very isolated.  Seemingly the Reps get members to change over to the points system by upgrading to Tauro (with the carrot of a big PGA golf tournament being held there next year so they could rent out their apartments) but the guests never stay there, instead they used their points to stay in Monte and Peurto as get more weeks that way - one week in Taura would get you 2 weeks in Monte.  Not sure if this is a good idea as that means less availability for those who own weeks at these resorts and can't get into them; this has become a bone of contention amongst those who own weeks and those who own points.

This is the first time we have stayed in a one bed at GA and the apartment was lovely and spacious, kitchen had all the mod cons including dishwasher and washer/dryers. Living room has dining table and chairs plus a super comfy suite which converts into a sofa bed.  Flat screen tv with BBC1,2,ITV, CH4, Sky One, childrens cartoon channel and movie channel, sky news etc.  There is also a cd player but to my surprise no dvd player, so put that on my comments card.   Large bedroom with huge king size bed, jacuzzi bath in the corner of bedroom surrounded by mirror and a super bathroom with power shower.
There is also a tv in the bedroom which was handy for me to watch while having my nightly jacuzzi.   We had a lovely balcony with glass table and chairs for meals a la fresco.

Now even though i was staying at GA i still preferred sunbathing at MA (tell you why later on) so walked over there every day (only took about 5 mins) where it is so much quieter around the tiny toddlers pool.  I was often the only person there till 11am and even at its busiest you were lucky to have more than 20 folk there.  Most people with children preferred the bigger pools where they have slides and jacuzzi seats.  By contrast GA was very very busy and you could not get a sunbed if you went out after 11am, due to Peurto pool being closed they had shifted most of the sunbeds to Gran Anfi and they were packed together like sardines in rows, sunbathed there on our first 2 days but i hated the enclosed feeling as like to have space to turn my bed around with the sun.  Both resorts have hourly activities for those who get bored sitting around the pool, such as aqua aerobics, shooting, darts, archery, shuffle board, table tennis, water polo, petang and some others.

So all in all it was another lovely holiday, i was lucky that i bought a single when i went out and ended up staying for 3 weeks. Nick went back to work after 12 days then a week appeared with RCI, they would not let me book it as i owned there - which i thought was a silly rule as i made a quick email to our very own ex mod Ron and he booked it for me... yeah he does have a soft side - he just hides it well ;)
Was not sure how i would feel spending a week alone but after the first couple of days it was great - i would be up with the sun and read from 8am-11am then relax round the pool in heat of the day and then read again from 4-7pm before moving onto the reception terrace of Gran Anfi which got the evening sunshine and had Wi Fi which is super and handy as had my laptop with me.  They keep saying it will be in the rooms but as yet this hasn't happened.  The reception staff are lovely and would keep my laptop with them during the day to save me taking it back to the room, they got to know me so well that it would be waiting for me as they seen me arrive.  There was also loads of books in their cupboard behind the sofa's which was great for avid readers as a large selection of old and new books which holidaymakers had left.  I was saying to Nick today that i wish i was still there as no decisions to be made, your just cocooned in this artificial world, no stress just relaxation in the sunshine and reading round the pool.  I ended up reading 16 books so my next posting will be about those.

If anyone gets a chance to go to Anfi then please do so, you can rent a week from fellow owners on
This is always handy to know if you can't get a booking with Interval, or want to add an extra week onto a booking you've already made.

Hope i havn't bored you tooo much with this holiday report of sorts.
Loads of Love Mo xox[;)]