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Started by leedsboy, October 22, 2008, 22:16:55

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ive just been informed that next years clc fees are going to be even higher than the jump of the previous year anybody out there heard any similar info


Hi - for all Diamond Members - This may make you feel better.  The fees for diamond membership (4001 points) - the highest level is looking like they may well increase by a wacking 26.5% (depending on exchange rate).  This year CLC decided to bill everyone in Euros instead of Sterling.  They have very kindly let us pay in 3 monthly installments without incurring any extra charges - very good of them!  The total cost looks as if it will be approximately £2,114 - an increase of £440.  Quite a hike!

Incidentally we booked a 4 night stay at Sunset View Club, Gold del Sur at the beginning of Jan and thought it was a lovely little resort.  Diamond members have more inventory to choose from as CLC do not own as many resorts and trying to get anything with RCI is like extracting teeth - not to mention the exchange fee......... grrrrrrrrrr.  Still we have to soldier on in the hope that the exchange rate will be more favourable next year - here's hoping.

Have also booked a week at another Diamond resort via II for July 2009 staying at Club Cala de Mar, Cala d'Or - hopes it's OK.



Oops just noticed.  When I mention Diamond Membership - 4001 points, I am referring to the level of membership within CLC and not Diamond Resorts Timeshare Club.  It just gives you some idea of how much we have been asked to pay for 2009.


Yes and I think that the year after will be even worse as 2009 will be the year of defaults.

Cala De Mar, Very nice little Resort about 44 apartments, close to town, close to small Marina. Very German town but good Quality Restaurants.


WOuld not be surprised if they do go up again.  Where do we stand if we just do not pay the fees?  Do we just relinquish ownership or do they maintainance fees just mount up as a debt? [?]


pettigrew, if it's anything like this year, they'll whack on a 25% late payment penalty and then threaten you with debt collectors - see the legal action forum for stories.  We're trying to move to another lot - probably a mistake too.  We've had some good trips, and some awful ones, but they're just getting too expensive.


Did not pay my CLC maintenance for two years (could never get dates I wanted )They just sent a letter saying membership would be cancelled if did not pay. That was it, no threats or anything.At least saving money on that,just got the loan to sort out now ~!!!! This was eighteen months ago.


Fess are ridiculous and when I asked for an explanation I was told that the conversion from sterling to Euros was the cause of it.  AS IF!!!!!.    When we were sold the points we were told that charges would only ever be in sterling as the Company was UK based and that is why the loan agreements etc were from a UK based Company and that all costs are sterling.  Yes and Now!!!!!!


Does anybody have any information about where I can sell my CLC Points please ?


Good news!  There will be no increase in the maintenance fees for CLC Vacation Club Points members for 2010.  Hope we don't get a double wammy next year!

We had a large increase last year - see previous post. However, if sterling continues to drop, it will make payments more expensive as we are now billed in euros!  At the moment is is about the same rate as last year, but who knows what it will be like in January.  In total, last year, we paid £1969.56 in 3 monthly installments - slightly less than anticipated due to the exchange rate fluctuations.

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