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Started by Mavo, October 09, 2009, 11:23:00

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Geoff Chapman of TATOC was one of the early speakers to take the floor at the recent conference. Geoff spoke about the TATOC consumer Helpline and the work it does to protect the best interests of not just timeshare owners but consumers of holiday products in general. This was highlighted by Geoff as he expanded into his presentation and gave us some figures with regards to the type of enquiries that they answered.
The Helpline assumed responsibility for the service on 1st January 2008 and during its first 18 months has dealt with 8000 telephone calls, Most of these calls related to dubious resale or scams based on Holiday Clubs. 46% of calls related to rogue re-sale companies. 21 % were about selling a timeshare and 7% about dubious marketing practices of non-timeshare products these 3 items took up 74% of the Helplines call volume. It was noted that one internal survey showed that only about 2% of complaints were about individual developers or resorts (7 out of 300 calls.)
The Helpline previously run by VOICE was getting 200 calls per month this has now increased to 700 calls per month under TATOC and is rising. The longest consumer call took 31 minutes and the longest it took for a call to be answered by the Helpline was 27 seconds.
Many emails and letters were also dealt with and a conservative estimate of savings to the consumer was stated to be £1.5 million in the first 15 months. This estimate was based only on enquiries about specific companies where TATOC were able to give help to consumers which enabled them to withhold or recoup cash outlays.

The cost of running such a free helpline is put at £45.000 and more could be done if more funding were to become available.

This last piece of information resulted in David Lilley of DAE calling on interested parties present to get behind TATOC in order to provide some sustained funding which could be used effectively by TATOC against those rogue companies who are doing so much damage to the reputation of the legitimate industry.


Thank you for your reports, Mavo.  They are most interesting.

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