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Started by Mavo, October 14, 2009, 13:03:12

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At the recent seminar an interview, conducted by David Lilley, took place with Harry Taylor of TATOC.

This interview was centred on not just the work of TATOC but they spoke about the problems of the industry and how TATOC was trying to help address some of those problems.

They had helped in formulating the new directive and had consulted with various government bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading and BERR. ( Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) They had worked not just with the UK government but also with Brussels to try to tighten up the laws in Europe which were at present allowing the scammers and rogue developers to flourish.

Some scammers were already moving their operations outside the EU in order to try to beat the new initiatives.

Harry spoke about how TATOC was growing and now had over 80 resorts signed up as members. These resorts represented 250,000 timeshare owning families. After some initial problems TATOC had opened membership to individuals so that all timeshare owners irrespective of whether their home resort was represented or not could now join TATOC. Thus individual membership would allow points owners to be represented within TATOC. It should be noted at this point that the helpline is open to all and it was not necessary to join TATOC in order to seek help, advice or representation in the event of a dispute with a developer.

Harry spoke, enthusiastically, of their recently rolled out initiative, the "Resort Accreditation Programme" This on site assessment looks at resort practices and standards with the emphasis on the needs and rights of the customers. Suitable resorts being given accreditation status on completion.

I have spoken to Harry and he has agreed to keep us up to date with the work of TATOC as it grows in influence within the industry.

So you will note that I have left lots of room for Harry to expand on his interview and explain some of the finer points of the work being done by the organization and the influence it can bring to bear on the industry through having the eyes and ears of the legislative bodies in Europe.



I wouldn't hold your breath.  The words "nothing much" don't take long to utter!


We read with interest the postings from tonyc. His outdated ramblings on the TATOC of the past will not stop us posting TATOC news and information for Timeshare Talk members.
We are capable of recognising the failures of the past which were well documented at our 2008 conference, much to the annoyance of previous TATOC directors.
We move on.
The third edition of our Sharetime magazine will soon be available free by post in hard copy or in pdf format for download from www.timeshareassociation.org. Those wanting hard copies please send your address details to info@timeshareassociation.org. You will receive all three editions.
The presentation slides on the helpline will soon be available in the PowerPoint format as well as in Word format.
Much has happened over the past eighteen months so I will produce a synopsis giving the most salient points and progress made, or lack of it.
I am looking forward to being able to provide you with regular updates, news and information
Time and tide waits for no man


New timeshare HelpLine saves more than £1million for owners

In its first year of operations, the HelpLine launched by the Timeshare Association, TATOC, has helped thousands of timeshare owners -- conservatively saving them more than £1million. An independent consumer body, TATOC - the Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees) -- is run by timeshare owners for timeshare owners.

In 2008 the HelpLine handled more than 6,000 phone calls - 60 per cent were general enquiries, the remainder complaints.  Most complaints related to dubious re-sale practices or scams based on non-timeshare holiday clubs.  Phone activity was augmented by substantial postal and email communications.

This year the HelpLine handled more than 1,400 calls in January and February. The service is free of charge and available to member and non-member resorts and individuals.

           Telephone number for the TATOC HelpLine:  0845 230 2430

At its annual conference in Warrington , Cheshire , TATOC delegates learned that HelpLine services have been enhanced with the opening of a new office in central Manchester and the recruitment of additional staff.

Harry Taylor, Chief Executive, said TATOC was going from strength to strength.

"We have a good team in place, excellent office facilities and the knowledge and expertise of the timeshare industry to focus exclusively on the interests of timeshare owners and prospective owners," he added.  According to TATOC board director Geoff Chapman, the HelpLine has a crucial role to play.  "Many problems are still out there and the demand for our services is growing," he said.

As part of its remit, TATOC executives have met with senior officials at the Department of Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) - formerly the Department of Trade and Industry -- to address consumer issues and legislation.  More meetings are planned with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Consumer Direct and politicians and regulators in Brussels .  The Association will also be involved in the implementation into national law of the EU Timeshare Directive that aims to close many loopholes that rogue operators are currently exploiting.

While its interests are focussed on the consumer, TATOC will continue to forge a close and professional relationship with reputable timeshare companies.  "We will do this in part through Resort Accreditation and Affiliation programmes," said Mr Taylor.  "We are keen to work with companies that share the TATOC vision of enhancing the holiday experience for existing and prospective timeshare owners.  We also aim to be the voice of timeshare owners."

In a video message to the conference, Arlene McCarthy, MEP for the North West Region of England, thanked TATOC for its assistance in helping to draft the EU Timeshare Directive.  She has been prominent in the campaign to win better rights for timeshare owners.  Ms McCarthy also chairs the European Parliament's Internal Market & Consumer Protection Committee.

For further information please contact:  Jennie Thompson


Tel 00 34 615 022 542   OR

Harry Taylor, chief executive, on +44 (0)845 230 2430.

Time and tide waits for no man



I welcome your postings on a public forum, and your open acknowledgement of the past failings of TATOC.

Please keep the posts coming.

Please feel free to post on DRI specific topics too.

"You know; the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."


Thank you Harry, it is nice to see that my comments do not go un-noticed, even if you pour acid on them.  Whilst I attack TATOC, it is on their performance over the last 25 years.  In my postings I keep calling for TATOC to re-invent itself to POLICE the entire Timeshare industry from (1) entry (the sales staff)  (2) through membership (the developers and their "catch all" rules and regulations) (3) to exit (the scammers).  The Timeshare developers have not done themselves much good over the years.  After all, it is they who originally brought the timeshare concept into disrepute.  If they hadn't created an environment that had considerable numbers wanting to bale out from their ownership, the "sharks" would have had no market to move into.  If your new(?) TATOC is to thrive it needs to show  the timeshare consumers that it is determined to clean up the timeshare industry at the roots (the developers) and not just the scum waiting to prey on the unfortunates "needing to eject".

If you start doing something positive in that direction then I will join the band of individuals more than happy to support TATOC.  But, lets be honest TATOC's past performance has hardly been impressive.  Please - stop "talking the talk" and start  "walking the walk". Your comment above is the first I have seen that admits to failings in the past (to 2008).  

Mavo seems to think that a powerful TATOC is the only way forward.  I believe that we need an organisation to look after the consumers' interests but, given TATOC's past, am not convinced that a more heavily funded and supported TATOC is the way ahead.  It is up to you to prove that the "torch" is properly placed in your hands.  Only then should we all lend our support (both moral and financial) to you.

As we approach a General Election, all the parties will tell us what they aim to achieve in the next 5 years.  Why doesn't TATOC tell us where it stands on (1) overly inflated management fee increases, (2) exit strategies etc, etc.  We know what you are doing - or at least we think we do - on cold calling and other scamming procedures.  Why not tell us where you stand on the other major areas of concern?


Originally posted by tonyc

Thank you Harry, it is nice to see that my comments do not go un-noticed, even if you pour acid on them.  

What goes around comes around is the term that comes to mind.  At the very least we are now getting some input from TATOC and surely that should be welcomed.  We are all aware of the past, but can't foresee the future.


Time and tide waits for no man


Time and tide waits for no man


More information on resort accreditation

Members may now apply for the TATOC Certificate of Resort Accreditation.

Resorts that have already attained Accreditation are:

Beverly Hills Club, Tenerife

Beverly Hills Heights, Tenerife

Club Las Calas, Lanzarote

Fairways Club, Tenerife

Hollywood Mirage, Tenerife

Macdonald Villacana, Malaga

Palm Beach Club, Tenerife

Pine Lake, Northern England

Royal Sunset Beach Club, Tenerife

Sunset Bay Club, Tenerife

Accreditation has been developed for resorts in active sales (selling over 30 weeks per year).  The Accreditation process is a robust analysis of a resort's activities and a resort must agree to:

     Adherence to the OTE or TATOC code of ethics for selling or similar.
     The production of sales and marketing literature and sales support materials that make reference to the timeshare concept and provide an explanation of what timeshare is. This should be available before, during and after a consumers visit to the resort. This ruling includes the use of copy on websites and in any marketing provided by suppliers.
      Adherence to all published European legislation for the timeshare industry.
      Provide clear evidence that a robust complaint handling process exists at the resort.
      Adherence to appropriate fire, safety and food hygiene legislation and standards that prevail in the region of the resort.
      The provision or proof of relevant resort insurance policy to suit the needs of the resort.

While these are stringent requirements, the resorts will be able to benefit from:

     Use of the TATOC logo on their printed materials and websites.
     Endorsement from a professional trade body.
     Regular newsletters and magazines and access to the TATOC website.
     Information documents, CD roms and tele-conferences relevant to timeshare industry issues such as market trends, resales and rentals, VAT, insurance, legislation, positive PR. Many of these are available to members on-line.
     Industry articles for inclusion in member newsletters.
     Case studies of best practice for both resorts and associations.
     Special offers available from timeshare businesses to the Timeshare Association's members.
     Detailed survey results on various topics such as management fee, exchange provision, guidelines to changes in legislation, marketing timeshare, health and safety and best practice.
     Provision of speakers for resort AGMs.
     General legal and accounting advice.
      Media and press release service for members.
     Discounted fees for attendance at the Timeshare Association's Annual Conference (held in conjunction with the AGM).  This is an outstanding networking opportunity for both owners representatives and industry delegates.
     Help desk facility for resort representatives to obtain further information regarding industry issues as required.
     The opportunity to contribute to the lobbying process with governmental departments.
     Access to the Timeshare Association's website members only section.

For further information on Accreditation and how your resort can become involved please contact Harry Taylor at:

Time and tide waits for no man

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