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Started by hal540uk, October 17, 2009, 19:59:23

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Timeshare Cold Callers

It is an ongoing concern for TATOC, and a source of much frustration for legitimate Timeshare companies, that there are still scammers out there who are giving the industry a bad name and fraudulently parting the general public from their hard-earned cash.

One of the current scams that TATOC has received a significant number of complaints about is the resale scam.  Timeshare owners are being targeted by fraudsters who are offering to sell their weeks for them.  The victims are being asked to pay upfront fees for any number of reasons and then hear nothing more from the scammers - no sales, no refunds.

Others are duped into parting with upfront cash - often hundreds or even thousands of pounds - only to find that the supposed buyer has dropped out of the deal.  They are then lured to a foreign country to meet a "corporate buyer" who is interested in buying their week.

However, when the owners arrive at their destination they usually find that the corporate buyer is really a sales person who subjects them to a hard-sell presentation for a bogus Holiday Pack.

TATOC strongly recommends that consumers only deal with resale companies who are affiliated to TATOC and/or are members of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO).

TATOC also recommends that consumers are extremely cautious of resale companies that:

   * Make an unsolicited contact i.e. a cold call
   * Request any form of upfront payment.  Common reasons for an upfront fee are: deposits, administration fees, bonds of trust, surety against withdrawal, insurance cover, validity survey, land registry tax, certificate charge and VAT
   * Assure you your payment would be fully protected under laws governing the use of Credit Cards
   * Ask for your credit card, debit card or bank details but assure you they will not take any payment
   * Suggest they can obtain an unexpected or unrealistic high price
   * Say they have a buyer waiting to buy your particular timeshare product
   * Ask you to send them your Ownership Certificate
   * Apply undue pressure for a decision within a short time period

These people have unlimited imaginations when it comes to stealing your money so don't trust them - no matter how convincing and reassuring they may seem.

Companies who have recently been cold calling consumers are:

   * Global Reservation Services
   * Secure Leisure
   * {banned word/phrase} Concierge
   * Incentive Leisure
   * Golden Sales Services
   * S.H.P Holiday Sales
   * Starting Point Marketing
   * Sol Bookers
   * VENTURA 1
   * Bollacord International SL
   * Diverse Marketing
   * Iberian Dream Homes
   * Key Property Advisory SL
   * Global Travel Network
   * MONTE MAR Estates
   * UK Timeshare Solutions
   * Holiday Group Sales
   * Selling Time
   * Travel Worldwide Warehouse
   * Diamond Resort International Resale’s NO Association with Diamond Resorts International®

This list is always being updated but if you have information of other cold callers  please let us know as soon as possible

For more information contact

Time and tide waits for no man


Time and tide waits for no man


Hi Harry.
You have to understand that where it says (Banned Word Phrase) It means that timesharetalk has been threatened with legal action by scammers and unfortunately timesharetalk does not have have the same amounts of money to defend itself as the amount of dirty money that these scam companies can throw in to silence us.
That is why TATOC is the only consumer led organization that we must hope can become capable of looking after the interests of the consumer.
I have been a major critic of TATOC in the past and have dispaired at its inabiliy to act on behalf of the consumer and have posted to that effect.
I and others have tried here on the forums to make timesharetalk a lead player in protecting the public from scams, only to be thwarted by the weight of dirty money that can be used against us (provided by the gullible public)
I and we have failed on here.
We have to look at other options and the only one that I can see is TATOC.
Someone may have an alternative?
My previous requests on an alternative seem to have drawn a blank!


Both TATOC and Timesharetalk have the same ethos of being run by timeshare owners for timeshare owners.

TATOC has a degree of funding by Timeshare Developers, Timesharetalk doesn't.

As Tom and Tony have said so many times before - to get the crooks out of the market there can only be one way forward - the developer have to get involved.

TATOC is free from the legal threats that we suffer from because they have the backing of the developers - perhaps if the developers were able to offer legal assistance to those who help to expose the cons of those we cannot mention things could be a bit different on here?

"You know; the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."


Let's make life more difficult for companies like Iberian Dream Home and other companies cold calling our homes! The new one is GOLDEN RESORT SALES they appear to operating out of London but in fact they are another suspect company operating on costa del sol They claim we are on a list this is just a lie as confirmed below. But the calls will continue if we dont complain.

Timeshare owners should register with tps if they live in uk. the website is

Then when you get a call about your timeshare be polite at first and obtain details of who is calling note the name ask for a name and try and get an address if you can then say you would be interested in discussing your timeshare with any legitimate company but before starting how did they get your contact details? When they say you are on a national timeshare database that developers are obliged to update you can politely end the call saying that is a lie this is a cold call.

it's time to fight back against these intrusive cold calls!

Dealing with unwanted telesales calls

This fact sheet explains the law regarding uninvited telesales calls (or 'unsolicited direct marketing calls') and describes how we deal with complaints about them.
What does the law say?
The law says that UK organisations should not make unsolicited direct marketing calls to individuals or businesses who have registered their telephone number with the Telephone Preference Service or the Corporate Telephone Preference Service.
The law applies only to organisations that are based in the UK. If a UK based organisation uses an overseas calls centre to make unsolicited direct marketing calls, then the law will apply to them. But if an organisation that is based overseas makes such calls, then the law will not apply.
The role of the Telephone Preference Service Limited
The Telephone Preference Service Limited (TPSL) runs the telephone preference services. We keep lists of the telephone numbers of those people who have told us that they do not want to receive unsolicited direct marketing calls.
Companies that make unsolicited direct marketing calls must screen their marketing lists against the lists we hold, so that they do not use numbers that have been registered on the preference services for 28 days or more.
What happens if I have a complaint about unsolicited direct marketing telephone calls?
If you believe that an organisation has contacted you even though you have been registered with a preference service for more than 28 days, you should complain to us by completing the relevant complaint form.
We will check that you have been properly registered with us for the appropriate length of time. If you have, and where we can identify the company responsible for the call, we will write to them about your complaint, ask them to investigate and remind them of the law. We will also ask them to make sure that they do not call you again. In most cases the calls will stop after 28 days or less.
If, however, the organisation continues to call you after 28 days have elapsed, then you should write to us again, including details of the additional calls you have received. We will check your complaint against any response we received from the organisation that called you and consider how best to resolve this matter. This may involve a referral to the Information Commissioner's Office .
The role of the Information Commissioner's Office
The Information Commissioner's office (ICO) enforces the law on unsolicited direct marketing.
The ICO's powers are designed to encourage organisations to abide by the law rather than punish them and in most cases, the ICO handles complaints informally and successfully. But in those cases where an organisation persistently ignores the law, the ICO has powers to take more formal action, which could result in a fine by the courts.
Co-operation between TPSL and the ICO
TPSL and the ICO are completely separate organisations. The ICO does not run TPSL but they do keep in close contact with each other.
Every month TPSL sends the ICO a report giving statistical information about the complaints they have received. The ICO uses this information to help further identify organisations which are persistently breaking the law.
Please note that the ICO and TPSL do not have the power to fine companies themselves or to award compensation to people who have made complaints.
Our contact details
DMA House
70 Margaret Street
020 7291 3320
020 7323 4226
Registration line
0845 070 0707


Isnt it easy enough to hang up the phone if you receive an unsolicited call?

People who part with cash / card details during a cold call amaze me...


Originally posted by tommy27

People who part with cash / card details during a cold call amaze me...

They amaze me too but we have to accept that it continues to happen and in increasing numbers judging by the increase in calls that the TATOC helpline is answering.  Now 700 per month and rising.
The helpline is working though and significant amounts of money are being recovered and many distressed people are being given help. I do not have the current figures but I read recently of one couple recovering £16,000 thanks to the intervention of TATOC.

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