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Started by hal540uk, October 17, 2009, 20:42:13

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Consumer Guides available by email or post


Become a TATOC Member

For individual timeshare owners who would like to join TATOC. Please see the guide to benefits of membership.

Timeshare Resale

General information and enquiries about resale companies.

Rogue Resale Companies

Information for consumers, who have not already paid upfront fees.

Resale Companies - Up Front Fees

Information for consumers who have already paid upfront fees.

Approved Resale Companies

Details of companies who comply with the resale code of ethics.

Resignation, Cancellation and Defaulting Procedures

For owners who have exhausted all other possibilities and are forced to seek resignation from their ownership.

Bogus Solicitors and Legal Firms
Timeshare Consumer Guide Here.

Holiday Clubs Purchased via Resale Companies

For consumers invited to a meeting by a so called resale company to sell their timeshare but who succumb to a pitch to buy into a holiday club.

Bonus Weeks and Extra Weeks

Information for consumers approached by marketing companies offering bonus weeks.

Claims Under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act
For consumers who paid by credit card or dedicated loan and feel they have been missold or believe the product has not delivered as sold.

Claims Under the VISA Rules

For consumers who paid by debit card and feel they have been missold.

Unsolicited Calls

For consumers receiving unsolicited calls from resale or other companies.

More guides being produced

Time and tide waits for no man


Time and tide waits for no man



Would it not be a good idea to make these guides available on your website - for downloading on pdf?

And, incidentally, how long have these guides been available?



They have been on the site since late 2008 being regulary updated and added to. They are on the top menu under Consumer Help - Timeshare Consumer Guides and can be downloaded in pdf format.

Time and tide waits for no man

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