Christmas message from Mr David Eastburn the chairman of TATOC.

Started by vernon, December 20, 2009, 14:25:48

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Some of you are members of TATOC and have seen the Christmas message from Mr David Eastburn the chairman of TATOC.
Many of you have not and due to pressure of work Harry Taylor asked if I would place onto the Timeshare Forums for him.
The Christmas message is posted in full below.

A Christmas message from TATOC chairman, David Eastburn  Last week, as I arrived at Lakeview Country Club, the Christmas lights were up, the tree was in place and sprigs of holly and mistletoe were strategically placed. There was a feel of excitement and expectation which was mirrored in the faces of the staff who positively glowed with good cheer and, while always attentive, seemed more than ever charged with helpfulness and genuine friendship. As I have come to expect, the lodge was spotless and welcoming on a cold winter's night, with everything in place to ensure a restful, peaceful and quiet stay. My sixteen year old son quickly excused himself to renew acquaintance with the Williams' children who, as always at our AGM, were settled in their neighbouring lodge. Within minutes of our arrival, we were transformed from the routine of our daily lives into a state of restful euphoria no doubt enhanced by the clink of bottles as we unpacked. I could not help but reflect on our good fortune; as a family, we have grown up with timeshare - the quality of accommodation we can expect, the level of service provided and the unique holiday experience of meeting up year on year with old friends as well as forming new friendships with exchange guests. We have indeed much to be thankful for.At Christmas we may well be filled with joy and happiness - smiling and excited grandchildren, wonderful music, fantastic food (and not a little drink to wash it down), singing "Joy to the World, the Lord is come!" at the midnight service - all these contribute to our sense of well-being. But just as the Angels long ago proclaimed their message of peace and goodwill to the shepherds, while in a nearby stable a child was born in poverty to an unmarried teenager, so we should be aware of those less fortunate than ourselves. Even in our lovely resorts, there are those among us who by reasons of age, infirmity, destitution or otherwise cannot enjoy the timeshare experience as we do. For them, the annual maintenance fee may be a real burden which they can barely carry; they may be besieged by cold-callers offering much but in reality seeking ways to profit from their penury and helplessness. If we do not help them, then be sure that unscrupulous men will offer to fill the gap.  All of us in timeshare - consumers, developers, trustees and managers - might well spare these people a thought this Christmas. For my part, as chairman of TATOC, I shall continue to lend my support to the efforts we are making to tackle the scammers head-on; my special resolution for 2010 is to seek out proposals for a fair and equitable exit strategy for those owners who can no longer enjoy the timeshare experience or fulfil their maintenance obligations. Once this is achieved, the role and opportunities for scam re-sales will be much diminished, and one of the main sources of complaint removed at a stroke.  So let us all enjoy a really happy Christmas with our family and friends but let us remember also the real message of Christmas and the plight of all those less fortunate than ourselves.  Carols by candlelightThe warm incense of the hearthChestnuts poppingGift-wrapped parcels hug the gilded tree. A small childAlone with his MotherIn a far-off landDestitute. There lies our joy and our salvation.  Best wishes to you all for a very Happy Christmas and New Year.  David Eastburn - Chairman


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