Started by neil, May 25, 2010, 11:03:52

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Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with this company good or bad?

I have done the usual.....paid money upfront e.t.c but just like other companies "the buyer could not get the money from the bank to buy my holiday club membership" i felt i was being strung along all the time and i have said this to them but they assured me it would go through,but well it did not.This fell through around 4 weeks ago.

I did not expect to get anymore  "so called buyers" but i got a phone call from them the other day stating that they have another buyer,its not going to cost me anymoore money so i`m abit miffed,the reason for this is because blue-chip have alredy got my money so why would they tell me they have another buyer?

The contact that i signed stated that blue-chip could hold onto my money for 1 year and return it if the membership is not sold.So with this in mind it does make me wonder that maybe this company might be genuine.They are also easy to get hold of which also makes them sound abit more trustworthy.I also got a contract with monies that would be paid to me,maybe i`m  being abit to trustworthy,what do you people think


never ever pay any money upfront to anybody in the timeshare world it will be a scam.
there is never a buyer only a con trick to get more cash from you and put you into a holiday club or worse,, if you paid by credit card call your card provider and ask them to pay you back.good luck.


Blue Chip Sl approached me 48hrs ago asking if I wanted to seel my timeshare, I said I would consider it.
Within 24hrs they had a buyer, but wanted 1200€ up front, in case after agreeing the sale I dropped out, this would cover their costs. This is the same deal offered by others (Holiday Rentals Direct), they will hold onto your money for at least 12mnths, because the deal they have for you will certainly fail. After the 12mnth period who knows, but I doubt whether you will see the money again.

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