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Started by tilly, July 17, 2010, 21:02:52

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I have a friend who has been a timeshare owner for over twenty (owned 5 weeks in total) ,becoming increasingly concerned about maintenance costs she was advised by the sales team at matchroom she could transfer ownership of all of them and become a heritage club member on a new contract.  She did this in good faith and also parted with 1950 for one week.
Since she did this more than two years ago she has been pursued for unpaid maintenance fees for two of the weeks in the USA. All fees were paid at the time of transfer of ownership it appears that heritage resorts has not  paid the maintenance fees and not informed the timeshare company of change of ownership.  Trying to resolve this with heritage has been difficult. They do not return calls, or reply to any communication and deny all knowledge. Has anybody else had a similar experience.


Yes, the same happend to me. But my old Timeshare company accepted that my week had been sold to Heritage. I had to sign a disclaimer with them saying that my interest in the timeshare had been sold to someone else and that the I had no financial interest in it anymore ie I couldn't try selling it again. Speaking to them they said that it  was very rare that Heritage actually transfer the deeds so you are always liable for the maintenance on your original timeshare unless you can get a release of ownership from the original Timeshare Company.

Best bet is to send proof that Heritage had bought the orignal weeks to the Timeshare Company. You will get little if any communication with Heritage.

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