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Started by Boss Man, December 14, 2010, 19:50:21

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Boss Man

It would seem from the last of posts that most members of Interval International don't have complaints about the company or service ?

Would this be a fair assumption ?


Used them for numerous exchanges over the last ten years and can honestly say I have never had any problems. I have even exchanged a studio in Tenerife for one and two bedroom apartments in the USA. (Separate holidays obviously.) Even when I have been unable to book an exchange online because of the time limits using there 'Flexchange' system I have contacted them by phone and have been accomodated. Can't compare them to RCI or any other vacation exchange company as I haven't used them but to answer Boss Man's question I don't have any complaints.


Just worked out that since September 2004 I have exchanged 19 weeks of timeshare with Interval and I can't recall any reason to complain.
Had some great holidays but I've always researched the resorts quite well and not taken II's word for it!
We did have have Gold Membership to start with but that turned out to be not worth it for us, so we didn't renew.
Did my first on-line reservation yesterday as I didn't want to lose the week we had just found over the weekend or the cheap flights. Took a couple of goes for the website to verify payment and confirm the exchange but went through fairly painlessly in the end.

Moveing along now, nothing to see here  :P :P


Has anyone used the Getaway system that II offer?  We are in the process of buying a timeshare but want to know whether the cruises that they show are really available?  Has anyone tried to book a cruise?


We got free Interval International membership when we bought our week in Malta.  It runs out in 2012 and we don't intend to renew.  We've only used it once to exchange and it cost £114.  We weren't tremendously impressed with the selection of properties into which we were able to exchange (although that's more likely to be a reflection of the true exchange value of our week, and not the sales rep's over-optimistic forecast!) even though we were trying to book 7 months in advance.  We've yet to take the holiday, so we don't know what it's going to be like, although we have checked it out on TripAdvisor.  We're going to use the week at our home resort in 2012 and we don't know about subsequent years, so there's no point in renewing our II membership yet.   


Harry K.

Why not take the "FREE" Option and join weeks weeks start from £159.00 for a
One Bed Sleep.4..and the Best Deal in the industry..of Only £199. on a 2 bed sleep.6.Max!!
How good is that??



'joanic' was asking specifically about booking a cruise on II's Getaway system as opposed to exchanging for a week. As I've never used the Getaways in my eleven years as a member of II I didn't know the answer although I suspect it will be in line with prices charged on the High Street.

In your case you're finding out (as many others have) that exchanging is not a cheap option when all the costs of owning a Timeshare are taken into account. Availability of resorts for exchange, which seems to be your main complaint is something that has cropped up on various threads on this forum and is a common problem whichever exchange company you choose. Getaways/Bonus Weeks etc. could be a good deal but again it depends a lot on where or when you want to take your holiday.

For myself I've no real complaints about II mainly because in my experiance ''It does what it says on the tin''.

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