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Started by daveandchell, June 21, 2011, 09:17:41

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Hi, my wife and I signed up as trial members this weekend and I am now not sure if we have made the right decision or not. Everything on paper looks OK but now I am wondering if it the right decision. Perhaps some of you may be able to answer some questions to help me make a final decision.

With the trial membership can we take a 14 day cooling off period and cancel?

For established members does it really work?

We were told that we could, after having taken our 1st week with CLC, if we so wished take all our holidays anywhere that RCI have timeshares available, is this true? Is it also true that the weeks with RCI will start at around £150 per week for both of us?

At the moment it all seems to be good to be true and I don't want to end up making a very expensive mistake.

Thank you in anticipation.

Regards Dave and Chell..


Dave & Chell..

1 would say Cancel..the reason being, you will have paid OTT!! with weeks of T/Share..starting from

£ would be well advised to purchase those. RCI. are not the Only Exchange Network!! while its

true they are the Largest..for my money, there are  better options..IF you argue, that a trial, gives you

the option to bail-out after that period..chances are:- There are Rental Deals that offer you Savings too!


Hi Dave and Chell,

My partner victor went to a presentation in stratford upon avon and it was very pleasent, I fully understood the product. It basically offers a 34month trial and the first one is known as a Prelude and we just come back from spain and it was such a nice holiday, one of the staff julie who spent some of her time with us and talked us through everything to do with the trial, showed us some options into upgrading aswell. The accomodation is far better than what we saw at the presentation (even though what we saw was quite high standard anyway)
It was fantastic, we pay 200pcm and yes you're right after the 1st prelude it releases 5 weeks anywhere in CLC or RCI and for 2people its £50 4people accomodation 100 and 6- £150. If you go to RCI its from £150.

We're booking 2 weeks in the caribbean st lucia at the windjammer landing beach resort, we also got to use the travel club aswell and they have been really great! We couldn't decide whether to do caribbean or america but st lucia has always been one of our dream holidays!! So we're doing that in december over christmas!!!!

We're considering upgrading so we've just done the prelude and we're going to go st lucia end of this year, we'll probably do a load of mini breaks and let our friends use mini breaks too until end of next year and probably upgrade and have some money taken off the full product since we're not using up the whole trial!

If you have cancelled, I think you've made a very bad decision! I suppose the trial does seem expensive but its only expensive if you are not used to luxury holidays and to be honest we were only spending roughly £1000 a year?? Package holidays, they were alright but it Is nothing compared to club la costa. I'm so glad we decided to go through with it and not cancel. I suppose you don't know what you're missing. Its only a trial of 34months, have some incrediable holidays.

I hope this has helped ( a bit of a essay!! Sorry!)

Lindsey & vic


Lindsay &  Vic,

When you have 20+years might have something to contribute, but your 1st posting.
singing the praises of a trail  thats overpriced!! please..!! Give us a BreaK..You cannot be Serious!!


Quote from: Willself on July 21, 2011, 18:40:37
Lindsay &  Vic,

When you have 20+years might have something to contribute, but your 1st posting.
singing the praises of a trail  thats overpriced!! please..!! Give us a BreaK..You cannot be Serious!!

i can understand why people feel clc is great value for money and say its a high quality product as it is.

but like you said willself there are far better value for money products out there such as DAE who are brilliant!


I think it needs to be said that CLC do own some of the properties (out right), unlike RCI, DaE etc who only allow their members to exchange to another timeshare resort.

To Lindsay & Vic. Windjammers is awsome. If you can try and get a "chalet" wher it is all enclosed with glass and with ac rather that than open to the elements and only a ceiling fan in the b/room. Enjoy whatever you decide to do


You would be wise to check out a website run by CLC owners -  There is a section there for trail membership purchasers. You can also get feedback on what other people experienced.

You may well get good use out of your trial membership.  You will definitely be encouraged to upgrade to full membership and x number of points.  You may then find that it is not a good a product as you thought and that it is very costly.

If you are interested in CLC points, there are many owners who are trying to sell their points - at far, far less than they bought. >:(

Sue B


Quote from: daveandchell on June 21, 2011, 09:17:41

Please do not do this, me and my husband have just finished paying for this and we have  had 2 holidays and a midweek break in cornwall, by the time you pay booking fees airport taxes(don,t know why we had to pay this)car hire, accommodation its not cheap and all the restaurants on the complexes are very pricey, my advice is get all inclusive holidays and save yourself a fortune and not to mention the hassle from the salesmen on every holiday you go(its compulsory)

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