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Started by Carolinian, January 31, 2012, 08:31:58

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With the assistance of Timesharing Today magazine, an organization similar to TATOC is being organized in the US, to be known as the Timeshare Board Members Association.  Its first meeting will be April 22-24 in Orlando, Florida.

Hopefully TATOC and TBMA can work together on common issues.  Member controlled associations need more of a voice in the industry.




The Timeshare Board Members Association is off the ground after its organizational meeting in Florida.  It represents board members and resort managers at member-controlled timeshare resorts.

Its first major conference will be held October 28-30 in San Diego, California. 

This new association should provide a great opportunity for member-controlled timeshare resorts to work together on a wide range of issues such as delinquincies, PCC's, and the changing exchange company environment.

I would hope that the TBMA and TATOC would establish a firm working relationship, as they represent the same interests on different sides of the Atlantic.

For more info on the TBMA, email

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