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Started by neiltilley, February 12, 2006, 11:34:08

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Are you II'ers satisfied with what's available to you when you exchange or go for booking a getaway? Please read my current feelings and reply with how you feel on this subject- Are you getting enough out of the system?

Feb 12th Sunday 2006 now 11.25am....

I usually pay my fees well in advance and am ready to set up my next year by September end 'ALWAYS'. So I am already set and booked till 2007 anyway- but I am an anorak with timeshare as a customer...

I regularly go on-line abs see live itinerary to test what I could get if I was to 'exchange' or 'getaway' right there and then!! It's all part of checking up the value of of ii and also gold upgrade etc...
Last night I tested out my needs- when/where/price/unit size blah blah... Algarve, Italy, France, Malta, Spain Islands and at best I want 5 star beaches directly or a 500 metre walk if I have to.
I was pleasantly surprised that off season I could get some dirt cheap stays at 5 star beaches and other good places at all my destinations. But high season if not directly a chosen resort, I still had a great choice of destinations but not my first or best options.

Anyway, I was very satisfied on the Europe side of things where my heart would go for an extra annual journey, a cheap getaway.
I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with Europe with current itinerary as something is there and I would say to be fair- I will mark low as I have a tendency to be too generous when I'm happy. So II availability current satisfies me 90% so because of my over exuberance I will make it a hard mark so there's room to improve. Why don't you also mark your satisfaction percentage and be over hard with it too? To be fair, if we say 50% is neither satisfies or makes a feeling at all either way - final mark from me 80%


Based upon the criteria that you suggest, availability of trades and getaways, I would give them a 30%. I have three weeks that are dual affiliated with RCI and II and I always do better with RCI as they allow me access to a greater span of inventory quality, unit size and location, both in Europe and North America. As for Getaways, I just laugh at the ones posted by II as they are so much more expensive than the ones offered by RCI. Finally, II has let me down twice lately in their qulity control. 5 star is not always so. But that is not one of your grading criteria so will leave that for another discussion as RCI has a few problems there as well.

I do though like my II Gold membership, just for the Entertainment card feature. The rest does me no good.


I'm close to 100% satisfied with II. I'm a member of both II and RCI and deposit early. I also get bonus weeks from II which I have used to get some nice shoulder season trades. I do most of my trading on-line and right now I'm having no luck getting a trade where I want for 4 months out, but I've only tried a few times. I have to go check again- thanks for the reminder.


Heather- thats interesting to me as i don't know what rci have. so to see your feelings explains to me why most of my timeshare friends who use europe or usa as a main destination, most seem to be happy rci members...

Tonyg= just out of interest, what destinations are you finding inventory unavailable at present with ii and then if and when you
hit the jackpot- let us know if it was ii or rci that got you sorted?
am i asking too much detail in feedback?
posted in the interest of boosting moral as most internet timeshare forum users tend to be a handful of scammed or cheated in some way. a lot of threads are negative only within that group of people and happy sharers just don't have a need to post except myself, the over excited fool that i am. but hey that's good, 11 years and still very excited about it all



I think it's great that you are still so keen and excited about timeshare and where you can go with which company.  There are quite a number of us who feel similar to you but as you said previously, we tend to keep fairly quiet.  You shouting it from the rooftops (slight exaggeration, sorry) is no bad thing.


We fairly recently changed from a Thurnham Vacation Club 1 bedroom apartment/ fixed week to Sunterra points when they took over TVC.  We had a fixed week left over and (with my wife being a teacher) we put in an early request 12 months ahead with several optional weeks and a number of resorts in the UK with no result.  
As we have a number of commitments this year we cannot make long haul.  However, we expanded our options to cover most of Europe excluding Spain/ also allowed for a studio for 2 only, all of the summer holiday period plus October half term.  We have been told there is nothing other than hotel room accomodation (no kitchen) in Austria. Even though we have II membership under a different number through Sunterra, if we wish to 'extend' our exchange option for this week our old membership under TVC expires end of November and we will have to pay extra or lose the week with no guarantee the same thing won't happen next year as well.  

Pretty shoddy I think since we pay thousands for timeshare plus maintenance charges only to be told there is nothing available unless we go to Argentina or some long haul destination!

At the same time under points we managed to get an exchange in France(which we have just returned from)  Is there a separate 'pot' for Sunterra points holders at II as opposed to the old fixed week members and do the latter get pushed to the back of the queue when it comes to requests??

We are still 4 years from reitirement where things should improve but in the meantime it is an expensive luxury if we are paying 00s of [pounds in maintenance fees only to find there is nowhere to go!!


I know nothing about Sunterra other than what I read on this forum. And my situation with respect to II is different than yours in that I own a  5* red one bedroom unit to which II assigns very little trade value and therefore I could wait forever for a trade. I would guess that this resort ranks even closer to the end of the line than yours. My gripe is not with the low trade value. There has to be a hierarchy. But why do they label it red time if it won't trade that way? It's not even pale pink!!!I just needed one more chance to vent and I guess am just saying that I understand your predicamant.


We also own 5* accomodation and have been trying since October for one week in U.K. for my daughter who needs to have school holidays because of the children.  So far no  luck, in fact was told there would be no release until May


I think we've only had our first choice once. (RCI) We can't even get the country we want never mind the resort so it's pointless looking in the book. If you want to go to the Canaries or Spain, no problem but we'd like to see other places.


I like II because I have a Rep that goes all out for me. She gets me what I want and looks every day for me until it shows up.

I have floating timeshares in 2 great locations that I enjoy visiting, but I have been very satisfied with my II membership too. Through II, I've had some really nice exchanges plus I've also been able to give the gift of travel to several relatives using guest certificates. I hope I'll soon be able to travel more during the off-seasons and increase my chances for successful exchange requests in some of the more limited locations like San Francisco and NYC.

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