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Started by Mavo, November 02, 2012, 15:07:46

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I have been on to Harry Taylor about this subject.
The discussion was brought about by a question to me from martyboy.
Martyboy is a somewhat disaffected former timeshare owner who had a very nasty experience with a developer.
What he asked was, could he join TATOC as an individual member?
The membership says it is open to individual timeshare owners but martyboy is no longer an owner but still tries to help those who have had a similar experience with that developer.
I cannot see how we at TATOC can discourage someone who wishes to get rid of poor practices and thus help improve the industry.
Harry the CEO is of the same opinion and so the answer is Yes martyboy you can become an individual member.


Cheers Mavo thank you for your research and asking.

Application shall be emailed.

Thanks again. :D
Survivor Of Anfi scammers, willing to help others


You are most welcome Martyboy.

TATOC is  open to those who wish to improve the industry and help others along the way.

*It is not open to those whose sole ultimate agenda appears to be the destruction of the industry.

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