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Started by Mavo, March 24, 2013, 22:13:15

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Hi Carolinian I must admit I never really reviewed your suggested codes of conduct on Developer Sales or the one on Timeshare companies. I dont see any problems with them. For what its worth I foresee that as the Industry catches up and adjusts because it has to, your suggested rules will be a breeze compared to what they will become. Thats what happened in the Financial Services Industry even my business card had to be approved!

What was really required then before the formation of LAUTRA Finance Companies could not have adjusted as quickly as required and this would have had severe repercussions with companies going out of business and clients suffering as a result. The big players in the financial world were massively larger and more powerful than the timeshare players today. The company I worked for had assets worldwide of 76 billion.

If anyone thinks that theres a few scam companies in timeshare it was nothing compared to the FInancial Services Industry. Nothing!!

So I can see that there would have to be an evolving code of conduct. Even sadly your code for Developer Sales which I consider to be a starting point would take a time to implement and to properly regulate and enforce. As I see it theres no money and in order to get to where it needs to be theres some plate spinning that needs to take place. TATOC don't have the financial muscle or the teeth to wave a wand yet.

I suggested my strategy to get there and thats through the individual resorts regardless who owns them. Build a big enough membership and the rest has to start falling in place. All just an opinion perhaps coloured by my experiences in the Finance sector but I see so many parallels.

I see the focus should not be so much on the Codes of Conduct but the points I made and how most resorts need to come into the 21st century by guiding them and supporting them now with workable solutions. Those four areas are key, Exit strategies, New members joining, Timeshare Education to members for timeshare best use and Professional sales people and thats just for starters.
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My suggestions were indeed only a starting point.  I did not expect TATOC to have the stomach for any more than that, given their general reluctance to engage.



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