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Started by One of many, April 11, 2008, 14:13:42

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One of many

In December 2007 we received a FAX from Orlando FL regarding an all-inclusive vacation package to Mexico.

We booked a vacation after first asking if there was a time-share presentation involved with this package and was told that there was not. After paying for the vacation we were contacted and told of more charges for the vacation which in the end the vacation was 146% of the original amount. The company that booked us might not be a part of Sunset Group/VIP Travel but they could have discontinued working with them.

Thinking that everything was final we were contacted again and told that we must attend a time-share presentation during our stay in Cancun . We were booked into the Ocean Club and the time-share 90-minute presentation would be with the Sunset Group/VIP Travel company. We were told that if we didn't attend the presentation we would be charged the full amount for the vacation.

The presentation after getting into the 5th hour was getting very tiring, even though they were not rude or anything similar ton that. They got down to a $4000 USD package which I thought might be ok and knowing that we could cancel our contract and fearing that we would get charged the full amount for our vacation if we just walked out signed. Our contract no. is 28 9-4630 which we signed February 19, 2008 and is paid in full.

Upon arriving home on the 4th business day after signing we sent Sunset Group/VIP Travel a letter by e-mail, which is legal under Mexican law, telling them that we according to the terms of the contract were canceling the contract and wanted a full refund.

They responded be trying to convince us to remain with them and in later correspondence told us we signed a waiver, which is illegal under Mexican law, that waived our right to cancel the contract.

We filed a form, with all the required information required, with Profeco which is an Agency of the Mexican Government to help and protect people in situations like we find ourselves.

Lately we have been ignored when contacting them so have now decided to let as many people know about their unethical and illegal conduct. Also if anyone is working together or wants to work together to resolve similar situations contact me at There are also web sites that can be found to help by searching for 'Mexican time share fraud', 'Mexican time shares' or something similar.
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