Have you been taken to court by Macdonalds over maintenance fee's ?

Started by Jim Wilson, October 07, 2014, 11:32:59

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Jim Wilson

Has anyone here actually been taken to court over outstanding maintenance fee's by Macdonalds ?

I have read elsewhere of lots of people that have been chased, threatened, but nobody who has been taken and lost


Norm de Plume

Since the change to points nobody can lose! (Fundamental breach of contract).
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Jim Wilson

I had though of this route, but how strong is the defence on Fundamental breach of contract and on what grounds (ie. I did not agree to the change ?)


I think is very fundamental! Contracts are born to be fulfilled and can not be changed just because one party so decided. Imagine you can do that with any of the contracts you have signed in your life. Does that have sense?
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I dont know the answer to your question and I am not a Macdonalds member but I have seen this question asked many times over the years  and I have yet to see a timeshare owner who has said they have been taken to court in the UK  for non payment of fees.


The Palm Beach Club, by their own admission, since 2010, have 500 members who have not paid their maintenance fees, surely, if they were able to they would have taken these people to court, I haven't heard of one who has.

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