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Started by beemacdee, February 06, 2009, 11:21:57

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Can anyone please advise why DRI won't communicate with members?
I've built up 16500 points over 17 years and am now 73.  I have a  recent spinal cord defect and have both lower legs amputated.  My points have recently been used by close family and I have been trying to transfer the points to family since the end of last October.  Despite several phone calls in Nov/Dec/Jan there has been not one letter or call back from Diamond!!!   I have not even been sent a bill for the 2009 management charges!!!!  I now understand them to be in excess of 30% so I am led to believe that DRI wants me to walk away - relinquish my points for no cash whatsoever - which will give them extra capital, to cover their losses on loans, presumably.  Just a bunch of capitalist thieves, like the rest of our Upper/Ruling classes. Please - anyone - give me some cause to hope that this is not the scam/crash that I fear!!
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On the face of it, you appear to have a justifiable gripe.  Although, I am not sure that the last two lines will "win friends or influence people".  It would appear that all you are attempting to do is transfer ownership of the points to a "close family member".  If that is so - and the management fees have been paid up till the end of 2008 with the family member being prepared to take on payment for 2009 - it is difficult to comprehend why things have not been progressed.

The one thing I don't understand is why you have not been sent a Management Fee bill for 2009?


Mr. McDermott,
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Hi Chaps

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