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We have just purchased 9000 points from Sunterra after a second 'free' holiday with them. Overall we were impressed with the package offered, but now upon return we have looked around the web at some of the comments made from members and are concerned about the amount of adverse press.
We are still within our 14 day cooling off period, and would appreciate helpful & constructive opinions before taking the plunge!
We have a family and would be tied to taking holidays at peak times. has this been a problem for anyone with availibility? Does the '59 day' point saver system work?



i'm not a sunterra member but i do believe the company is huge and possibly well sold so available empty units are limited...only seems to manage finding limited availability as it appears that everyone wants to go during school holiday periods which is impossible for everyone to do so most complaints are about which weeks aren't available and cant get the resort wanted....

my only suggestion to you is only buy in if- you are date flexible with a resort flexible attitude unless you are buying a fixed home resort and still remain date flexible....

i sincerely believe that if you think you will be buying into peak times only that you might be dissapointed and if you are buying into a fixed resort that you dont really want to go to but will exchange then dont expect much!!!



Hi Dave
I am a Sunterra points owner, and there are good and bad points to the system, just as there are with most things you buy.

The 59 day rule does work however you would be lucky to get anything in the middle of the school holidays, and of course most people want to go away during the summer months so there is less chance of you getting what you need at that time.

The other big problem is with maintenance fees which have risen way above the rate of inflation for the past few years, and we are warned that they are again going to be above inflation again this coming year.

Having said that we have had some good holidays with Sunterra and have made some really good friends, some of whom will no doubt post replies to you on here, so good luck with whatever you decide.



I would go along with Jeffs comments..member since `96,very happy with set up...but as posted earlier,peak times can be a problem,I always use the 59 day rule but then I am able to travel at anytime of the year,hope this helps a little..


I have been a member of Sunterra since 98 & a timeshare owner prior to that & recently bought a timeshare in the Algarve. I am just entering the phase where I will need to book in school holidays. Snags - If you happen to want to holiday in this country as we do every other year then the point count is high. You will pay between 70-90 old points 7000-9000 new points for a 2 bed. Even the european resorts are high in points. Weigh up what you can get for your points & consider the management fees. Look at what one or 2 weeks resale timeshare will cost you & think about exchanging . Costs to do this are around £60 per year membership plus exchange fee of £89 - £109 per week.
Back to Sunterra never count on the 59 day rule. OK out of season but unlikely school hols except maybe half term.
If you have any doubts do not join . It must fulfill the dreams they have tried to sell you. Do your sums . My husband & I find it gtreat for us but difficult if we wish to take the whole family.
Ask all the questions you need.[8D]

Hi Davenik,

We also went on a 'free'accomodation holiday last year. We purchased our own flights with Easyjet and read the in flight magazine. I can't remember the exact details but there were Sunterra points for sale at a fraction of the cost they were offered to us direct from Sunterra.

Just a comment on another company. After attending a seminar in 2003 given by World Wide Vacations we were offered a free holiday and had to choose various dates. We chose some in 2004 and months later  received a letter saying we had to choose alternative dates in 2005. This we did and as three of the dates have now past I telephoned them to ask progress. I was told that we would probably be offered something in the next few weeks. I confirmed my conversation in a letter by recorded delivery. In response I have just received notification that the company has been officially declared bankrupt and therefore 'they can no longer issue refunds or offer any holidays'. Now I only gave them £79 registration fee but I could have parted with several £000's which was the point of them getting me to the seminar. I am so glad that I didn't. I wonder what would have happened to my so called holidays for life.

I went into this very carefully and decided against buying any points. Friends of mine have points with RCI and use them very well but they have no children and are coming up to retirement so take advantage of off peak times to play golf. For what it is worth, my advice would be to take more time to consider this major step particularly the price of flights at peak times. If, after considering everything, you really want to purchase points research the possibility of resales such as the adverts I saw in the Easyjet magazine.

Best of Luck.



QuoteOriginally posted by i.rothwell

Hi Davenik,

We also went on a 'free'accomodation holiday last year. We purchased our own flights with Easyjet and read the in flight magazine. I can't remember the exact details but there were Sunterra points for sale at a fraction of the cost they were offered to us direct from Sunterra.

Iris & Dave
You cannot buy Sunterra points unless you already own i.e. you are a member. Long story but this is a sore point with members but legal. Officially you cannot buy & sell at all but it is a concession allowed to members & the best place to buy & sell is through sunterra members yahoo group (free but you need to subscribe)
or Tony's pay for site (£10 per year) address on free site.
Resale points are going at as little as £25 & probably no more  than £50 . Something to bear in mind if you ever need to resell. Also you could buy less & top up. However this  concession could be stopped.

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