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How do you feel about this question? Before you decide just take time to think about the issue.


Good question if timeshare is to survive and prosper it will have to clear up this mess on perpetuity and allow exits. Lots of timeshare properties are vastly superior to hotel accommodation. The Oura View Beach Club Portugal where I own has one of the best positions there is almost on the beach. Swimming pools one indoors and a health club. So what's the problem Perpetuity & Maintenance fees have taken the sparkle out of this gem you cannot sell it. So the company rent out spare weeks and try to recycle owners into other products and chase delinquent owners who refuse to pay. All this is then posted on various sites for all to see and people read them and think ownership is not for me.
Lots of people have posted on this issue and have shown some really good ways forward but the RDO remain mute. I personally am sick and tired of the way the industry itself has ruined this product through its avarice and we can always get more punters thinking. But the proof of the pie is in the eating and the industry has begun to realise punters are spitting it out. Where will this end if things don't change then timeshare will die a death of a thousand cuts.           


Good question. Hope more vote on this question


Well this sends out a signal

jim roy

hello ,im new to this pages ,I notice no posts about moness at aberfeldy Scotland ,buti would goalong with the above proposal , dare I say it one years notice and out


I don't think it's much to ask and then timeshare might take off again.


Quote from: jim roy on July 02, 2015, 17:08:48
hello ,im new to this pages ,I notice no posts about moness at aberfeldy Scotland ,buti would goalong with the above proposal , dare I say it one years notice and out

There was a lot of chat about Moness on this site a year or more ago (search and you shall find), but then it went quiet. It seems most people either gave up and refused to pay more, or bought the overpriced exit package.

Although there was a real concern that the committee had never stood for re-election as required by the constitution, and that the rules were simply being ignored by the developer, there was in the end no heart for a fight.

Net result is a large number of previous owners are no longer involved with Moness. A real loss as it is a beautiful place.
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The question is indeed an interesting one and it would be nice to think that somewhere down the line it could in fact become reality. But I suspect there are too many people with too much to lose and not just the Timeshare operators themselves.

A business has grown on the back of people wanting to exit with companies springing up and trying all means of exploiting this market. From your ReClaim GC's with their class actions to companies such as Monster Travel, with their high sales valuations and leisure credit's angles. They would be against exit's being offered as they would have no more business.

I think genuine exits offered by the actual companies are some way off but I would love to see it.

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