Relationship between Lamont group and TATOC

Started by Carolinian, July 18, 2015, 12:55:45

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Stuart ''Bullfrog'' Lamont and his companies have made it a practice on their home turf to work with other shady points clubs to keep the supposedly independent watchdog Timeshare Institute of South Africa (TISA) under their thumb.  Complaints to TISA for years have gone nowhere because TISA is a watchdog which prefers to look the other way on matters involving its insiders.

When the Bullfrog hopped into the UK pond in a big way in the run up to Spice / Aroma, he suddenly seemed to be constantly associated with Harry Taylor and TATOC, beginning with Taylor bringing the Bullfrog in as a major foreign guest and speaker to an annual TATOC conference.  From that beginning, the association and connection between Taylor and TATOC on one hand and the Bullfrog and his companies on the other has just grown.  Indeed, the relationship between the Bullfrog and Taylor / TATOC is becoming more and more like that between the Bullfrog and ''Knickers'' Meyer / TISA.

One would think that a group that is supposed to represent consumers would do their due diligence on someone like Lamont and his clubs.  If TATOC had, they would have found things like this that should have put them wise to Lamont:

Under its present leadership, TATOC seems to have badly lost its way, lost its mission of representing timeshare members and member-controlled committees, and become little more than a front for developers and other timeshare operators.  One wonders what Harry really gets out of his association with Lamont.

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