Started by FREDDYBOYW, August 18, 2015, 15:03:14

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Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having a great Summer ... we certainly are and are now thinking about our next Winter hols!

I wanted to ask a question ... to those of you in the know ...... as far as I knew we are not obligated to be members of Interval but lately I have been receiving emails from them asking me to renew my membership with them.  I know that I cant make any exchanges if I dont renew it but thought that I could just actívate it again if and when I needed to make an Exchange?????  Have their rules changed??? Do I need to renew it every year or if not I will lose it???

Would appreciate any feedback from those of you out there who can help me.




You do not have to belong to them try Dial AN Exchange they are free to join,17422.0.html


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