What do type of Timeshare do you presently own?

Started by TimeshareTalk, March 08, 2018, 10:36:19

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We have introduced some poling opportunities, so you can express your opinion "guests" and "members". Your votes will be seen, by you and all those who visit the forum, its fun informative and hopefully will provide some interesting results to those who seek assistance, advice and recommendations on timeshare related matters.

You are asked for****your****views, and your views alone. Its just a few seconds and collectively the poles may prove interesting to all.

The polls will be open for 1,000 days. You can vote once a week as your mind might change over time and should some react to the information. That what it's all about giving that helper information's so all are informed. Your voice alone will never deliver change but together it might.

The vast majority of timeshare Resorts are not bad, many enjoy the experience, and should you do, tell others to ensure the fake bad press stops, so others can have an opportunity experiencing owning a timeshare, making new friends and all over the world.

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