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Started by Pezy, July 25, 2018, 09:21:48

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Has anyone else had this email from CLC on 17/07 or are they are of the case they are referring too?  The link doesn´t work and they don´t seem to have posted in on their website which makes me think this is fake news_

Subj: Claims management companies can be bad for your wealth

Member ordered to pay GBP 85,000 in court costs

CLC World Resorts & Hotels (


Member ordered to pay GBP 85,000 in court costs

At CLC World Resorts & Hotels, we want to make sure ALL our
Members are warned about the pitfalls of becoming involved with
unscrupulous claims management companies. We get extremely cross
when these companies try to de-fraud our Members and we hope
this cautionary tale will make any Member think twice before
becoming involved.

A CLC World Member was pitched by claims management company
ITRA1 offering to help them exit their timeshare AND claim
compensation from both CLC World and the lender who provided the
funds to buy their holiday membership - for a fee of course.

The Member paid over £5,000 upfront for 'documentation
preparation' and eventually, the case went to court.

To the Member's absolute horror, the case was thrown out by
the judge on several counts, including serious discrepancies
between the content of the statements already filed and the
evidence given in court and that the claim had no merit
whatsoever. It was obvious to everyone in the court that the
case had been handled incompetently throughout by ITRA and their
adviser teams. Most disturbing of all, it's not clear if the
Member had ever been warned that if they lost, they risked being
ordered to pay BOTH other parties' legal costs.

And that's exactly what happened - the judge ordered the
Member to pay costs amounting to an eye-watering £85,000.

And all for a case that should never have gone to court in
the first place.

Please, please, please consider VERY carefully before
embarking on any kind of court claim. No matter what they tell
you, there is a very real chance you could lose - always question
whether it's worth the risk of incurring huge legal costs, as
happened here.

If you ever have any queries about any aspect of your
Membership, please contact CLC World Member Services who will be
happy to help. The opening hours are Monday -Friday 10.00 - 19.00
(Spanish time, GMT +1) and the details are:

UK Freephone
0800 031 9151

+34 952 66 99 98


1 ITRA appears to be dropping their ITRA branding, and are now
switching to other titles including their newest design ECC
brand, (European Claims Centre or European Consumer Claims). ECC
is operated by the same people from the same locations as ITRA
and complaints and concerns are already emerging about them. The
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have already upheld a
complaint against the business for misleading advertising, with
the ruling clearly identifying their close association with ITRA
- see link

Athena Law Solicitors

I would have thought as a CLC member you could ask CLC for a copy of the Judgment.

If you are using a Spanish Abogado to pursue a claim you should ask for his/her advice and copies of all reported decisions that support your claim. If you are dealing with a genuine, qualified lawyer, in a litigation matter they have a duty to give you advice on prospects and give you a viability report and risk assessment, and to give you advice throughout as to the progress of your claim and any changes in the law.

If you have doubt, given the stakes of litigation, you can also obtain a second opinion.

If you have not had a risk assessment or never discussed the inherent risk of litigation then you should consider your position very carefully.

Javier Correa, a Spanish Abogado and regularhere, may be able to comment on reported decisions against CLC.
Athena Law Solicitors

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