How to Legally Get Out of Your Timeshare

Started by David Cox, December 17, 2018, 17:26:05

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David Cox

If you bought a timeshare, chances are you attended a sale presentation. The benefits were explained but the obligations were not. Amid the claims and counterclaims, you may be totally unaware of the protection you have, therefore, the only sure way to get out of a timeshare is to have the matter legally explained to you, not by the sellers of the timeshares or a 'cold calling bandit' but a knowledge person familiar with the applicable law.

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Hi just after some advice for my mum's timeshare.  It is in Cala d'mar. Had it about 20 years, used about 5 times as there was never any availability.   Original company has changed hands several times, she has emailed for over 2 years asking how to relinquish but just gets replies from the 'maintenance company but who also advise her she cannot give it up it is a lifelong asset and passes to heirs when she dies.
She stopped paying fees last year as cannot afford anymore - she is 71. She has received a letter from Barcelona requesting payment of about 900 euros but she is not sure what it's for, no mention of any timeshare address.
How does she get rid of this now?



Unfortunately this is one of the major problems with timeshare - there is no exit process.

My advice would be to just walk away, leave it alone. Do not pay any further maintenance fees. Answer the first chasing letter by setting out your intention to walk away from your timeshare. Cite unavailability of weeks, poor use, unhappy with resort and facilities - not as promised, constantly changing, changes of ownership, unanswered requests for information etc.
Throw the kitchen sink at it, and then just ignore everything they send you. They may threaten legal proceedings , most likely, but never actioned.

After a time it will all go quiet.


Thanks for advice, she has done this and now just keeps getting a copy of the original demand from a company in Barcelona and a different solicitor based in Spain.
She also requested a copy of her contract which (barcelona) have advised they cannot find a copy to give her.
Should she just keep on with your advice? And then see what happens?


Sorry , I have been away.

Yes, of course, carry on ignoring it.

Note: they cannot find her contract - a little difficult for them to take any action on a contract they cannot produce - ha ha ha


Hi just after any advice updates.
Mum's timeshare, bought 1995. Paid deposit on the sales pitch day, had cooling off period then paid a balance.  In perpetuity contact. Don't think ever seen 'deeds' with plot number. Joined rci group, did upgrade, now left rci group as never availability. Hasn't been able to afford fees for 3 years now, elderly, my dad passed away.  Has contract resent out to her (ona group, cal d'mar). Previous advice from this forum to stop paying fees, keep writing to one group advising wanting to relinquish,  lack of availability,  unaffordable.   She has been approached by ECC to legally terminate contract but will cost her £3495.  Any advice appreciated 🙏


My advise - never pay an upfront fee.
You might contact advisors like KwikChex.

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