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Started by David Cox, March 21, 2019, 18:16:23

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David Cox

What Information and Where?

Under a range of legislation *, information relating to the identity of the business must be displayed on the website.

The provision of information is the key focus of the legislation that sets out what a website needs to be legally compliant.

The information is best contained in the terms of use for the website. If you don't have a set on your site, then you can get our template terms of use of website here.

Business Information

The information to display is: Website Compliance Information Image

Company name and number or other business identity
Registered office address and place of registration (e.g. "England and Wales")
Contact details, including an email address
Details of how to contact the business non-electronicctronic means
The VAT number of the business, if applicable
Details of any trade body or regulator registration
Privacy Information

Is your timeshare lawyers website legal

The Data Protection Act and the eCommerce Regulations require that you explain certain information to visitors to your website.

A website must confirm whether it actively collects personal data relating to visitors to the website. If it does, then it needs to set out a range of further information.

This can all be covered in the privacy policy for the website. Some of the information overlaps with that covered above:

the identity of the business
what personal information the business collects
what the business does with the personal information
Cookie Disclosure
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