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Started by Pricivius, May 17, 2019, 22:59:55

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My mum owns two weeks in a timeshare in Marbella, Spain. Bought 25+ years ago but we have never visited. She is an RCI member, so banks her weeks but rarely uses their value any more.  She pays the Maintenance Fee and always has. It appears we are stuck with it.

An SGM has been called to buy the weeks in return for a cash sum and RCI points. From my understanding, mum will remain obliged to pay the Maintenance Fee, but will own RCI points rather than weeks going forwards.

Seeing as, in an ideal world, mum would no longer have the weeks/points as she gets no value from them, are weeks or points more likely to be given away? Or does she have no hope and is stuck with it either way?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Dave C

I think you are referring to the S AGM for Crown Resorts. You will have received all the details in an e-mail and letter. If the vote goes through your options will be;
1) Take the money offered. Write to them that you do not want to be a member of the new Crown Resorts Point Club. You will then be free of any obligation.
2) Take the money offered but tell them you do not want to be in RCI. You will pay your management charge as before. You can then just exchange at Crown Resorts which is free.
3) Take the money offered. You will get free RCI points membership for first year. You can exchange at Crown Resorts and anywhere else in the World. Exchanges will be half price for 3 years.
You can leave the whole scheme anytime by giving 13 months notice. You have nothing to worry about.
Dave C. Crown Resorts and RCI member over 20 years.


Hi Dave - yes, that's the one.

We have been trying to leave for years but have not been told about the 13 month option. How do we find out about that?


Dave C

If you log in to Crown Resorts.com there are a number of documents there about the new Points Club. Crown Resorts Facebook page has a lot of comments from members. Crown Resorts have also sent out a Q&A e-mail after members requested further clarity on some topics.
The following statement will interest you;
Do I have to join the Points Club?
You do not have to take up the offer of joining the Points Club if the Resolution is passed but please write to let us know if this is the case however you will still receive the payments.  You will have no further liability to Crown Resorts or to the Crown Points Club.

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