When does an invoice need to be paid?

Started by davidjbh, September 03, 2019, 11:09:40

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Hi all,

When does an invoice need to be paid?

Maybe that's an obvious question? It has to be paid as soon as its due - surely?

I have a timeshare, and the management company invoice all owners, for all apartment - weeks in January.

My week in the apartment happens to be in December, almost 12 months later. Would it matter if I paid the invoice a few weeks before my week?

I am wondering about the 'Sale of Goods', and that the 'ggods' are only actually 'delivered' when I use the apartment, in December. So, why should I pay the invoice at least 11 months prior to 'delivery'?

Many thanks,

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It is most probably paid in advance because the constitution of the timeshare club expressly provides that it has to be. This is not in itself unusual. for example in most leases rent is paid in advance not arrears and in service charge covenants within residential leases the estimated expenses of maintaining common parts are usually paid in advance and then reconciled at end of each year. The real problem in many of these timeshare schemes is that there is not transparency or control of the levels of maintenance fees!
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The rules should be laid down in the constitution, managed by the Committee.

Why not try writing to the Committee asking for a change? They could at least bring it to the next meeting and you could read the discussion that took place as well as the decision in the minutes.

My timeshare resort has a policy of payment 6 weeks before your owned weeks .

Which compared to your is quite reasonable

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