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Started by APC Investigations, September 06, 2019, 11:47:11

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APC Investigations

The breaking news today is several companies owned and operated by Mr Mark Rowe and others, have been under investigation, in the UK and by the Regional Organised Crime Unit [ROCA]. On the 19th of August ROCA announced they delivered to the Crown Prosecutions Service - files for the CPS to review.

The review is needed in order to clarify if charges should be brought and who the defendants will be. If charges are brought, this will involve an appearance in the Magistrates court, so the defendants can enter a plea. As the seriousness of a successful prosecution may result in a loss of civil liberties, this case is expected to be referred to the Crown Court.

Many defendants are expected to be charged as the case involves allegedly many millions of £ by a network of companies located in tax-havens and pan European companies.

It is known that the Resort Development Organisation RDO carried out investigations when the sales complained of matured, and when the fraud was suspected. Having obtained evidence, the RDO asked for assistance from a Specialist Fraud Solicitors in London in order the make a presentation to the Serious Fraud Office SFO.

When the submission was made, the SFO referred the matter for investigation to the South West Police Reginal Organised Crime Unit (ROCA). The long investigation is now complete and ROCA's investigation files were sent to the Crime Prosecution Service (CPS) in the middle of August 2019. The CPS is now inspecting the voluminous information provided so as to determine if charges should be brought.

It is believed there may be multiple natural and corporate defendants should charges be brought, and each defendant will be required to present themselves to the Magistrate Court to answer the charges put.

On a related matter, authorities in Tenerife have also raided the Monster Travel offices (now Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL) in Fanabe - Tenerife.

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