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..................... In this backdrop and the stage set, I can now move on the case of Sarah Waddington Solicitors which operate out of the 1st Floor extension at Widbury Barns Ware Hertfordshire.

They are a firm of solicitors and claim to provide expert Timeshare Legal Services. To date, they have taken £ millions each year and from consumers for legal services yet to be rendered. They charge upfront fees and are required to hold that money to pay for future services. A simple inspection of their accounts shows that this firm has little in the way of funds to pay for the services yet to be rendered. In fact, as at the 31st of July 2018, they only had £11,663.00 of funds to continue the legal services. Noteworthy is in these accounts they did not publish their sales.

Waddington's did in 2017 publish sales of £1,900,984 and despite those sales they only retained £12,285.00 in reserves, having spent over 50% on marketing costs £102,00 on consultancy work and other expenses.

Projecting the sales into 2018 and 2019 they will have taken circa £5,500,000 and have only retained £11,663.00 in which to fund the work required of them.

The firm is headed by Miss Sarah Waddington however, her operation is overseen by her boyfriend Mr Perry Booth who gained notoriety as he was accused by his former employer of being an aggressive timeshare sales manager.

Mr Booth was dismissed from his employment for the alleged aggressiveness and that aggression does not end there as he was recently convicted in the criminal courts for aggressive behaviour against a worker in an estate agency.

During his courtship of Miss Waddington her practise ballooned exponentially and on account of the sales made by Mr Booth (her co-habited and business partner). He drove in by way of reported marketing companies 000's of clients all seeking a termination from cumbersome timeshare products sold to them (in some cases) by dilettante Mr Booth.

I do not buy into the claim that Solicitors should be paragons of virtue as clients need only; the provision of good legal services offered, delivered and fulfilled in line with their client's instruction. the SRA Rules and their sworn duty to the court.

However, the Solicitors you instruct should have a well-grounded understanding of the legal issues - the instructing client faces. In the case of Waddington's and their principle this grounding comes from the mind of a timeshare salesman and a baseless knowledge of the law.

Evidence exists that Miss Waddington lacks the required knowledge and understanding and how to deliver the service she is paid to do. In fact, I should go further in that the £ million have been taken by Waddington's, in advance and the majority of the money has been squandered by Mr Booths on marketing costs leaving very little in the way of money, to carry out the legal work promised.

Chucking the clients under the bus

The reality is, Waddington's are being investigated by the SRA and in an effort to redeem themselves Waddington's are operating 'a pump and dump service'. Pump the clients for money and dump the files in a closet. At this firm, the client pays up front, and the promised work is unfulfilled and in preference to cavorting with celebrities and rocking up in Parliament in a manner aligned to 'Thenardier' in the Les Misérables wedding scene.

As Waddington's woes escalate, and the lack of case progression, poor service and concealed inactivity is being exposed by the SDT, Waddington's have approached a Spanish Timeshare resort in an effort to cut one of the dodgiest deals in timeshare history.

The terms of the deal were presented by Mr Perry Booth as the Director of Business at Sarah Waddington's Solicitors.

The Deal proffered by Mr Booths was

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