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Started by YorkshireJ, January 23, 2020, 14:53:15

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I have just had a call from someone claiming to be from "ILS" (01702662865). He advised that Silverpoint Vacations SL (aka Resort Properties) had gone into Liquidation last week (true - I checked) and that they were selling off all their apartments in order to pay their staff. This person wanted to ask me questions to determine which legal team he could recommend to represent me. I asked for their details, but he was more interested in asking me questions, so I terminated the call.
I called back to determine if the number was genuine (it was - she said that she was based in Watford). They had my name, telephone number, email address and presumably other details and said that if I had purchased the apartment in the last 6 years with any form of credit, then I was entitled to a refund.
Is this just another timeshare scam, or just a legal firm trying to grab clients and (eventually) charge fees for representing us? Resorts affected are the usual - Hollywood Mirage, Beverley Hills and Beverley Hills Heights, and Palm Beach Club.
Info from others welcome, but I will update if I hear further.

John Littler

This number says they are Timeshare Legals UK Ltd. it seems they hacked data somewhere in order to have all my details.

You are right to have concerns

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