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Started by TimeshareTalk, September 02, 2020, 12:14:17

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A timeshare termination business based in Truro has been the subject of a number of consumer concerns, including its VAT number, its methods and its 'customer reviews'.

Timeshare Termination Team, which was registered at UK Companies House as Timeshare Termination Ltd. only last November, has consumers that have engaged with it asking questions. These include:

Why, on their invoices, they are using the VAT number of another, seemingly unconnected timeshare exit and claims business - Mercantile Claims Management Solutions?

How the 'exit confirmations' they provide to clients, which they base their large fees on, can be confirmed as being a genuine termination - since no formal legal action has been taken and the timeshare businesses contacted by the company do not acknowledge the validity of the termination?
Why there are online reviews on the company's website that date back to 2015 when the business was only formed in late 2019?

There are other questions too, about suspicious Google reviews and an apparent 'legal indemnity' for clients that are also used by Mercantile Claims. Timeshare Termination Team have insisted that all is above board and have been pressing for payment of their fees for their 'unilateral terminations services', but consumers are first demanding clear answers to their concerns and have asked Trading Standards to investigate.


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