Warning Cold Callers and the fake timeshare registry office

Started by Athena Law Solicitors, March 01, 2021, 10:40:44

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Athena Law Solicitors

The cold callers are becoming more aggressive.

In the past they exaggerated what they could do, and prospects. Now they are crossing the line. They believe they can say whatever they want without consequence.

There are a web of companies but the following is their pitch:

1. You are on a register of owners waiting to be sued. No such register exists. They clearly have a list of timeshare owners take from timeshare developers.

2. They are from the timeshare registry office and are phoning to check what is happening with your timeshare termination. There is  no registry office. They have the list as above, and are ex-timeshare salesmen.

Trading Standards has published information about your rights when purchasing timeshares and has issued warnings regarding dealing with cold calling exit and compensation companies.

Remember businesses are not entitled to undertake bank claims without being regulated and are banned from soliciting this work by cold calling.

If you have engaged one of these companies you can seek to claim money back from your credit card provider pursuant to section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974. You just need to set out the representations made during the cold call and how the service has not been provided.

If you have no paid by credit card all is not lost. You can still pursue a claim via the small claims court. It is not as difficult as you might think and county court judges will be helpful when dealing with claims brought by litigants in person particularly when a victim of these sorts of scams.

The same people that sold you the timeshares which have caused you so much stress are now targeting you. It is time for people to take a stand.

If you need some pointers we are happy to provide an initial review of your documents/case without charge.

Athena Law Solicitors


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