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Started by , March 25, 2004, 18:27:30

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I feel I was let down by RCI last year. My family were going to Australia for my sons wedding. We made all the plans well in advance. RCI kept telling me it was too soon to book an exchange. They said the Aussies were notorious for late banking and I would get something nearer the time. I was due to fly out that week and I still had no accommodation!!!! The day we left they said I could have a place for 4 people I wanted a place for 6 which is what I own in Tenerife and for 1 week I wanted 2 weeks. I had to sort it out when I was in Australia the stress was unbelievable and the operator was really abusive. She said it was my fault because I was too specific in my request!!!!!! I had been trying for a year to get accommodation and they offered me nothing. I complained on my return to be told there was mothing they could do no compensation was offered because I should know how the system works and there is no guarantee of anything. I am appalled at the way I've been treated and will not renew my membership when it is due.


Did you have an ongoing search?  You can start an ongoing search and then search with that same week online by modifying your search request.  Or if you have more than 1 week in the bank, use one for ongoing and then the other for your own searches.  Sometimes you can get something on your own.

Sorry you had problems.


We found the same poor service from RCI. They kept phoning to ask if we would extend our search period but every time we said that we felt that 3 months was a long enough period. It eventually turned out that the search had only been set for 6 weeks but not one of the callers had told us that. We eventually found an exchange to a resort in a period we wanted by doing our own search.

RCI was good when they started but are now just another large company using untrained staff in a call centre.

Boss Man

Harsh words snail, but I think oh so true. RCI has outgrown that small  family company to the be the large money hungry corporation.

Thanks Christel !

This is why more and more people are using the smaller exchange companies like Dial An Exchange or Timex who offer a much mor personalised service.


I have had almost nothing but positive experiences with RCI and we use more than 10 weeks a year. Whenever I initiate an on going search that produces nothing in the first few weeks, I email them and ask if the unit I'm trading is strong enough for what I want. Some wise person once told me that, since connecting with a knowledgeable person on the phone is hit and miss, it's often better to email. Those who respond are often more informed and usually can give an opinion of the strength of your search. I've never been let down with an on going search but your experience sounds like a nightmare. What stress you were under!


We only joined RCI as there was a timeshare resort in Hollywood California near to our son. We put in an ongoing search approx 9 months ahead by phone. It was only when no progress was being made that we contacted RCI to then be informed that the resort in question had been disaffiliated. No apologies.The only exchange was 55 miles away in Anaheim. A good resort and fine if you want to go to Disney but not if you are visiting family on an annual basis. An hour plus drive up the Freeway every day is not our idea of  a relaxing time.[:(][:(][:(]
Does anybody know if there are any timeshare resorts in or near Hollywood [:)]

please rci members get out quick you are being conned i can tell you this from experience as an employee .
i hear what some of you are saying about searches but forget that now this used to work in the past but now RCI are gone to greedy and have realised they can make big money from renting out your good weeks THAT YOU GAVE UP FOR EXCHANGE TO OTHER MEMBERS
believe me they are doing this and i have being fighting for the past few months to let members know hopefully this forum will help make more members know that RCI are conning you
Dont believe me if you dont want but i can prove it and i am trying to prove it at present any help appreciated


Although I agree with much of what you say about RCI I don't agree at all with your comment that we should think twice about getting involved in timeshare.  Although they are probably the biggest exchange organisation (nad this is where some of their problems arise) RCI are not the only company involved in timeshare and you certainly don't need to use them.  I have used RCI for about 15 years but I am now also using dialanexchange (DAE) who are much less greedy when it comes to charges.  The only problem with DAE is that thye do not have such a large selection as RCI.  However, the more we use them the more their bank will grow.  RCI need to have some real competition before they are likely to mend thier ways.
Ian Chisholm


sorry about that barbarian didn't mean to sound so negative about timeshare and i shouldn't be as my only experience with timeshare is working with RCI but believe me what i see them doing to their members would turn anyone off .
Again sorry for being negative but i listen to hundreds of members every day who are so fed up with RCI and i don't blame them as i see what RCI are doing but it's totaly frustrating when i can't tell these members on the phone why they cant get a decent exchange and the reason is that any decent week that's deposited goes straight into the rental pool and i have thousand's of members accounts where this has happened but when i try to help and make members know everyone is afraid to stand up to RCI .
my information comes from years of inside knowledge just vtrying to help


How about The Manahatten in New York end of September/ through October this year[:)]

yep there was units available there for rent these were going for approx $700 for a week must admit most of these units were not members weeks as members who own at the manhattan rarely give there units to rci as they know they can make big money by renting them out them selves but i have seen members weeks from there going for rent i will check it tomorrow and let you know if there is any rentals for that time but what i would ideally like to do is leave the members who gave up there weeks for exchange know that there unit is available for rent just wonder how much they get out of what rci get more than likely they dont even get a decent exchange for there week .
Definetly other areas in new york are available for rent for that time period and these are other members weeks so should be available for exchange but are not no matter what kind of week you trade so even if you have a good week to trade you would have to pay between $700 + $1200 for the week

hi val there is loads of units available all tru oct at the manhatten club renting for $797 for the week


Originally posted by anon

hi val there is loads of units available all tru oct at the manhatten club renting for $797 for the week

Thanks anon. Think I might phone and see what RCI have to say as not happy to pay if I can push for an exchange instead. It is the only one I think in New York itself. The others in the state seem to be a couple of hours drive which we do not want
Val [:)]

Thanks anon. Think I might phone and see what RCI have to say as not happy to pay if I can push for an exchange instead. It is the only one I think in New York itself. The others in the state seem to be a couple of hours drive which we do not want
Val [:)]

Sorry val but you won't find an exchange there for that time i would love to find you an exchange there but that is one of the areas that rci is honest about that does not become available for exchange the units that are available for rent are not rci units sorry .

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