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Started by neil1702, December 12, 2006, 09:50:47

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I've just had an argument with II about how their request system works and was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same thing.

A while back I put in a request for a fortnight in Tenerife and gave II a range of dates and a range of resorts.
I then spoke to them quite often to how the request was going.
Eventually we got one week at a resort and they said would then try and get a second.
We had specified that we wanted to stay in the same place for the two weeks as we did not want to packing up and moving in the middle of the holiday (4 adults and 3 kids under 6, not a good idea).
Finally they came through with two weeks at a different resort and they sent the confirmations to me.
As it turned out I didn't see the confirmations straight away as we went away on holiday (oh the beauty of timeshare!) but when I got home I phoned Interval to speak to them about the request and found that there was absolutley no leeway on the booking.
We had always planned to use our Airmiles to get us to Tenerife in order to keep cost down but these flights are limited. Luckily I have managed to book the flights but there was only one choice available instead of the two or three when I first looked a few months ago.
I now find out that had I been unable to get the flights I wanted I would still be committed to the exchange.
I always thought that there would be some sort of final say on an exchange. When I have done an exchange over the phone they have always just put it on hold while I check that the dates are OK and I can get flights. As long as I got back to them in set time everything was fine.
It seems to me that if you persist by just phoning II up all the time you get a better service than if you deposit and put in a request.
We even found out that as the system is computerised, if your circumstances change on say a Saturday night, you have to wait until Monday morning to register this with II by which time the computer could have already matched you up and you have no way of changing the exchange without paying an extra exchange fee.

Has anyone been stung using this system?
I'm tempted in future not to put in a request and just phone II regularly so I can get a final say.

Sorry it's a bit rambling but thought I'd put my views out there.


I always request only over the phone & if no go then keep mine till i get what i want.
If you let go of yours then your priority is low.
Kepp yours as they will proberly want it badly.


Originally posted by Mitchell

I always request only over the phone & if no go then keep mine till i get what i want.
If you let go of yours then your priority is low.
Kepp yours as they will proberly want it badly.

I'm intrigued Mitchell. How does your priority go to low if you deposit your week? As I understand it as soon as a week that fits your criteria comes into the system it is allocated to you by the computer before it is seen by any of the agents. This does mean that you have to be very careful with your criteria, which I will be in the future, if I ever deposit again.


Mitchell, as I understand it, Interval International gives higher priority for requests under the deposit first system than for request first. And in both cases, the earlier the request the higher the priority.  Request first is good if you are sure that you will want to use your own week if Interval doesn't get you the exchange you asked for. If you're sure you won't be using your own week, then deposit first is probably better.

Neil1702, as a general rule, I don't give II a choice of dates AND choice of resort.  For me, especially when I'm trying to piece 2 or 3 weeks together, I have to be VERY exact about the date (no sense in having a week with Saturday check-in followed by one with a Thursday one) so I'm very careful to give them as wide a choice of resort as possible and often only listing resorts with one specific check-in day. If you have a very specific requirement, speak to one of their advisors and make sure that they phone you (on your mobile, if you might be going away somewhere)to confirm that you're happy with it. I believe you can cancel an exchange within 24 hours of their confirmation e-mail (I did have to do that once).  Otherwise you can cancel the exchange but your credit for a week will only be redeemable through the Flexchange system - ie: less than two months from the date of travel, by which time all the good exchanges will have gone.

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