Grand Azur Horizon Egypt

Started by incise84, January 20, 2007, 19:33:42

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Would love to be able to write a review but to be honest it would take me forever.If you are thinking of going there you are welcome to e-mail me.We booked for xmas and the new year,came back after spending just one week there.


Hi - was it that bad?  Would appreciate it if you could just give a few pointers as to why you came back early.



Resort is package holiday for Russians and Polish.They didn't seem to mind that food that should be served HOT was cold.
Having to ask children nicely to please stop touching and playing with the food(buffet)whilst parents and staff said nothing.
Only one other Britsh couple there(Sunterra members)they say it is the worst they have stayed at.
Will write more later.



Thanks for reply.  We have stayed at a resort in Turkey in the past before we bought into timeshare,that was full of Russians and we had a similar problem.  In the end my husband refused to eat there, even though we had paid for it, and we eat out every night.

Disgusting manners and greedy.  Plates full of food and food sliding all over new carpets in the dining room.  Never again.

I apologise in advance to any Russia subscribers as I am sure they are not all the same.



Hi,I made the mistake of thinking this would just be a timeshare holiday,reception said not many timeshare more package holiday makers from Russia and Poland.I took my best dresses for xmas and new year,should have packed my tracksuit instead.
Would love to have eaten out but seeing the locals kill the sheep on the street just down the road put us off.
Taxi driver(muslim)took us down all these back dirty streets and then said "I hate the British" we actually felt scared,now Pete does not scare easily.
We should have read trip advisor before booking.

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