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Started by Murphy, June 10, 2007, 13:36:07

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Jim Young

Quote from: Murphy on June 10, 2007, 13:36:07
I've just watched the Politics Show which is a NW tv magazine on Sundays.

An MEP called Arlene McCarthy said that she is involved in investigating and taking action against Timeshare companies who are ripping off consumers.

I think she would probably be a good person to send evidence of malpractice to, which many on here seem to have experienced.

Her email is

Interestingly she was on the show because she has been one of the MEP's responsible for the forthcoming big cut in mobile phone charges whilst making or receiving calls abroad so obviously has the consumer at heart.


Ah, the European Parliament; what are they doing to investigate SILVERPOINT and all of its officers who are stealing Timeshare holders apartments in the Palm Beach Club Playa de las Americas Tenerife.....court action is now being taken by a group of owners who need their help now; not in ten years time; now, so  I suggest those in the EU Parliament who know about these timeshare thefts to get off their backsides and earn the huge sums of money we pay them in salaries and expense accounts and GET THE JOB DONE NOW.


hi guys the person to e mail in eu commission is jacqueline minor it is vital that everyone e mail their story to her, this is the only way we will get justice and the fact of the spainish supreme court ruling has now been handed down has put added pressure on the commission to act so people e mail her


Things and people have moved on again. Latest from EC:

I would like to Thank Jeff Lamb. Research Assistant, Political Section Representation of the European Commission in the UK for the following message:

The UK European Consumer Centre can advise and assist in cases of cross-border disputes with traders, provided EU law is involved in your case:   (Contact details for the UK ECC)

The contact e-mail for the European Commission unit responsible for monitoring the implementation of EU timeshare directive is:

The Commission can only deal with complaints against Member States of the EU (their public authorities) which are incorrectly applying EU law.  Private companies that flout timeshare legislation are subject to national law, and are answerable to the relevant domestic consumer protection bodies and national courts.

If you have a complaint about timeshares that fit the above definition PLEASE write to these contacts and explain. Yes I know it may not change your situation, but perhaps it will stop the same painful, worrying and expensive thing from happening to someone else. Pay it Forward if you can

Thank you 
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