Club La Costa points is better?

Started by abyss, July 03, 2007, 23:43:24

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i'm owner of 1 week to carpediem di assisi (2bed/4) and 4week to carpediem roma golfclub (3 week 4bed/4 and 1 week 6bed/8), i would sell it but i think it's impossible.
So Club la Costa offert me to change all my week in 6140 points at price 9000€. he say me that CLC point is better than rci because there isen't problem for reservation and it's easier resell my points.
i would know if:
- you suggest me to change my week in points
- 6140 points is good for all my week (don't forget that i must also pay 9000€)?
- if i would sell my point how much can i sell every point?
- it's easy in time sell my points?



abyss, which ever way yo look at it9000euros is a lot of money, try also comparing total maintenance costs, (whilst I must admit you also have to take in any exchange fees you would pay presently, word has it that clc points sell for £2-50 or less at present, copled with the fact that there are a good number selling CLC points, you may get well below what I have quoted.

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