Star rating or grades of property?

Started by neiltilley, November 04, 2007, 21:33:46

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ii is still stuck with either no grade or 5* resort of distinction certificates upon arrival at resort and golf programme
or not. When I search the directory or getaways and exchange opportunities. I would like to be able to view by specific attributes much like I can with the caravan club. Such as criteria for beach, golf, fishing, bird watching, area of natural beauty, amusements etc... Along with something more than 5* or no! We never see 5, 4, 3 or 2 grade as an industry standard. so that we realise before booking what level of service will be available and such. RCI has gold crown but if you book a hotel on expedia or anywhere else, Thomsons or Oluympic you get the T ratings or sun logo ratings expressing an equivalent to a more formal club. We all know in our clubs that service is often unique, high performance, often in a unique resort environment. So shouldn't all timeshares and exchange companies want to really show off it's crwdentials? Or am I being picky today?

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