extras with ii. do you get your worth of it?

Started by neiltilley, November 14, 2005, 18:45:18

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As a member of ii- I was wondering why we don't have much feedback good or bad here at timesharetalk, i mean rci has a lot of comments and a lot are bad, i find people don't report good news in these places- is that why there isn't much here ???
So I want to state some of the ''did you know with ii you can.....'' type of information and try pushing some of you ii'ers to start putting in your negatives and positives here. There must be plenty to say? Anyway here goes;

did you know as a gold member in uk(and I do use these)you can print off lists of restaurants with varied discount and offers ??? did anyone have a story about any restaurants offers?

and hertz no 1 gold membership which helps you speed straight to the drivers seat? i have had upgrades and near to new cars at every hire, no fuss or problems, any stories or thoughts on this?

ticketmaster priority membership- 2 tickets for the price of one, i live in london near theatre land so maybe that's just my luck ?

de vere hotels cheap breaks- anybody feel they got some good deal out of this or not?

general discounts in the book for hotels in the ''entertainment'' program- i got a good one in limerick- the clarion, it was lovely and cheap(well, good value in it's class)

getaways to balearics was £128 last week and a mexico was not much more at short notice. I went to vilar do golf last year on a guest cert for £135??(i think)and did a 2 bed lanzarote for £125 a couple of years back  - are these deals good, I thought so any comments about your deals?

exchanges- i found with my 1 bed at kololi that i can trade into 2 beds anywhere i've chosen so far with ii- i feel my exchanges have been to my advantage every time- anyone else loved or hated the exchange or had trouble?

So please ii'ers. Feed in your experiences and if any of the 'bonus' bits like ticketmaster or de vere or entertainment or vip desk do you any good?

does the ii golf program or 5 star awards do anything for you in trading power?
is an exchange into a spa break or a cruise a good gimmick or a con?

help me prove good feedback as i am a believer in ii? i also am quite smitten with dialanex but i do feel both companies have very different merits and uses for me like dial is my bargain break favourite and one i feel i get a more personal touch on the phone.


i am talking to myself now. because no-one has anything good to post here... or for that mater bad. so is ii too average? posing a similar question to both dae and rci members for ''nice'' feedback. quite a queue has built up overnight. but i find it is ii members showing a total lack of interest!

i wonder if this in some way is a reflection of apathy that ii is instilling into it's members, or does timesharetalk not generate much interest from ii members- what is ii missing that the 'others' have got that makes 'them' interesting to talk about?

anyway- i get the post back to the top for visibility just this once. then i shall forget.


I think on the whole that II has better resorts than RCI. I never had the Gold membership as the benefits I would obtain would fall below the additional cost. II's vacation counselors or guides seem to me to be less knowledgeable than RCI's and a few of them are unbelievably ignorant of the rules and policies. On the good side, besides generally nicer average resorts, the exchange fee is a big lower and I find their bonus weeks or accommodation certificates to be more useable. I think that II's reps may have a little more leeway than RCI's in granting exchanges.

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