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Started by julia300, July 28, 2004, 12:17:02

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I am wishing to purchase a timeshare that will be classed as 5* within II so that it can exchange with Disney and Marriott.  I have phoned II to try to get a list of those resorts but they say they can't give out that information which I find a bit strange.  Anyway, I wondered if anyone could possibly put up a list of the resorts that they know of which are 5*.  It would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

Just a note on that one, do not think that you will get into disney if you have a 5* resort under your belt, it just will not happen, if you are looking for timeshares to buy, you can email me and i will provide you some helpful sites.


if you want disney or marriot then go to the destination on package and buy in via developer or not!
i reccomend buying in the place you want to go to- or if you insist on buying something you really don't want try and make it somewhere you would go. search the resale sites and collate lists of names that come up frequently- and don't buy them because a majority is showing you they don't want to go there and want out!!!
same goes for availability for getaways and exchange etc... search balearics and spain and you see nearly every one wants an exchange so it aint got much value to anybody!

does africa interest you? the Gambia is less than 6 hours from the uk
www.kololi.com it is ii, 5 star, red weeks 52 weeks and floating is available. if you go for it quote my name to sales and i'll fly there too and show you posh restaurants and poverty plus the happiest people in the world(my opinion)... nearly 11 years and i still love the paradise i find there- but it's no guarantee of disney/marriot/hilton but i can tell you ii membership online does show quite a few over the year on the getaway, presently though i think it's management fee time for many so inventory is low,,, i think it really showed up busy with ii between feb to april this year(i'm always browsing- no love life see- all say ahh!)

exchanges cannot be guaranteed regardless of what you think you own. so a definite promise isn't possible.

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