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Started by , August 25, 2005, 16:40:45

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Hi - new to TS hope this isn't a daft question...
I am 4 weeks away from completing our 1st purchase, a 3bed platinum week at MMBC.
Although it will be used occasionally I cannot see that we will use it every year. Can anyone tell me the exchange posibilities of this resort through either Marriott direct or ii (am a gold member).


Boss Man


With a platinum week at Marbella, you will have probably the best exchange power available.

But remember, exchange power is nothing unless the week(s) you want are available !

Thank you for your response...
Unfortunately since posting this question, Marriott have decided to exercise THEIR rights (purchases appear not to have any) to buy back the week at the eleventh hour (deposit paid 5 weeks ago with balance going out nearly 4 weeks), even though we had initial confirmation that they were happy to let this week be sold through a reseller they apparently have a good relationship with.
I am still keen to purchase a week with Marriott but thought I would approach it differently this time...
My new question is this, As we would like to exchange our week more often than not, where is the best location (Europe or USA) to buy with Marriott that will offer excellent exchange potential, I am looking for a 2/3 bed platinum week. I would also be keen to purchase a odd and even years at 2 different locations.
thanks for your help


The key is to buy high demand weeks and there are many. Hilton Head, South Carolina,USA is quite popular. You might try contacting Marriott direct as they may also do resales. A very knowledgeable timeshare fellow that works for Marriott is Jack Fletcher at 800-332-1333 ext. 6141 or e-mail-

Thank you Tonyg for your advice, I will definitely contact Jack.


if you just want a TS to exchange more often than not. I reccomend you think about how many years you will want a 3 bedroom place(children grow up and go alone eventually)- is it financially viable? is 2 bedrooms or even 1 better for you long and longer term- i mean affordable in your old age? i mean if 3 beds is good for another 3 years and then its just you and the spouse in a 3 bed is the cost worthy in 4 years and 5 years etc... ?
Why specifically Marriott ? does the possibilities with them alone give you what you want including ii ? or would you consider others?
Overall costs upside of similar 'hotels' in the areas you want to go to- do they add up in your favour? you know you wont make a profit as you are buying an expense , it is an investment in lifestyle not in money! chances are a resale in 5 years time to resell it will give you nothing like your money back because you have only paid for your holiday in advance(sort of)- are you prepared to not get anything back? i don't want to put you off- just to ensure you are looking at the right places/companies for the best way you get your holiday system working for you!! with no upset after.

I only state this because i dont like to see people spend high amounts on a ***** value holiday holding and then realise that it doesn't give you what you wanted from a vacation like you hear so many times about poor availability with sunterra for example althou i know people who have thoroughly enjoyed sunterra for years since gvc days...
i myself flew into purchase a bit quick and could have fallen badly on the financial loss pile, because i didn't think properly. i chose a good club by accident so luckily my club has been good to me for 10 years now and with both dialanexchange and ii i have had an amazing set of holidays in a system that luckily works for me- Marriott though is still like a dream to me- i dont know if i could get an exchange to any of them as they do seem to be very well spoken of!


Neil, while your assertion of losing money on a resale of a timeshare is  somewhat the norm, many resale purchases have shown a minimal loss and sometimes even a gain in value. Marriott is known for consistent quality and better than the average resale value. The 3 bedroom concept you forwarded should be well taken, but a 3 br. lock-off unit might be advantageous for getting 2 weeks accomodations when a 3 br. unit is no longer required.


tonyg is right the Marriott resorts are quality, since buying mine five years ago the price per week has nearly doubled. I own five weeks at both Marbella & Playa in spain, they are both fantastic. We use our lock offs either together or use it as another week later without the kids.
Demand at Marbella in the summer is proberly the most sought after in MVCI, and you need to book 12 months in advance period. Lastly more vacation club resorts in europe are required to keep long term interest.

Hello all - as you will see from this topic i have been looking to purchase at a Marriott resort for some time now, well eventually i did manage to buy a 2 bed gold at Playa. After visiting first we decided to purchase a resale through a US agent, thankfully at a fraction of the £14300.00 Marriott required.
guess i now need to get to know the system(s) (Marriott & II)although I am not yet a member of II.
Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to timeshare the Marriott way Nigelj, you will find your holidays to have great facilities & square footage acommadation. II are only worth joining if you find you want to go to another resort other than Playa. If you are always gonig to use Playa dont bother joining II. If you do not want to use the playa week one year you could turn it into Marriott points say 110,000. This will give you some sort of acommadation at either Marriott hotels,MVCI, Renaisance hotels & other Marriott chain places, Note though 1 week banked does not mean 1 week somewere else, traditionally an 1 week MVCI 2 bed will be 150,000 to book.
Also if you have 2 bed which sleeps up to six (with the sofa bed) you will not get an hotel room which does the same, maybe 2 hotel rooms will be required for six.
Hotels also do not have the extras the 2 bed apartment has. kitchen, utility room etc.
Try not to trade it unless you cant go there.
We have five weeks in spain @ Marbella & Playa & we use most of them anually.
We also go elsewhere on points & II.
Going to Son Antem, Majorca four times & Florida Grande vista.
Any questions you have just ask.

I am unable to trade for points as I purchased resale.
Other than ii are there any exchange companies that offer Marriott exchanges + the 21 day window as ii do.
Can trading a Marriott week provide an additional bonus week, through some exchange companies?


I believe its only II, that do Marriott.
When are you booked at Playa next.

we have the 17th Sept booked, but we will exchange this as we are unable to make this due to other holiday bookings, so we will be looking to exchange this with an exchange company and hopefully take 2 week in 2007.
we are visiting our other resort this year which is Pine Cliffs, portugal, this is a truely fantastic resort.



You do like your quality don't you?[;)]

Hi Jackiee - We do!
we started our TS purchases 2 years ago when i bought 5 weeks at Los Claveles Tenerife, then ceeded to points (approx 240,000)  ...far to many! These were purchased from Robin Green @ ABT Advantage, this was a long process but we ended up with the points after 9 months!
Having thought that was it I ended up buying another 2 weeks (Marriott Playa & Pine Cliffs)from different sellers, we visited both resorts 1st before we purchased.

Pine Cliffs is amazing, the quality and facilities were exceptional, as parents its great because it has a fully enclosed childrens play area of 7000 sqm, this will keep then happy for hours. We will probably visit this resort more often than not.

Marriott was also good quality but the facilities were not as extensive, this was bought to exchange more often than not with other Marriotts. Hopefully Marriott will develop more resorts in Europe, so i see this as a long term exchange vehicle.

We are taking three 1 week holidays during 2006, 2 more than we have ever taken before, the 1st is to Anfi Beach Club, then Thurnham Hall (both RCI Points exchange) and finally a week at Pine Cliffs.
We also have a week at Marriott reserved durnig Sept & a week at Quinta do Lago, Portugal for October, but we will not use either, not entirely sure what to do with them?

This year has been an exception rather than the RULE!
I clearly have far to many options now, so will probably end up trying to sell some of the Points. Los Claveles is a great resort for points because the Maintenance is so low compared to the no. of points received.
Anyhow hopefully these options will provide us with quality holidays & exchanges for a long time to come?

I don't think it makes a difference. A week is worth a week somewhere else.
I've just come back from a presentation in france and was very impressed.
Marriott have a preview package that lets you try 4 nights at Village d'Ile de France next to Disneyland Paris, 7 nights in one of the Spanish resort, plus 3 nights in a Marriott or Renaissance hotel worldwide.  The best part is they will take the cost of this package off the purchase price if you join on the first visit. So two weeks for free!

I'm planning to goto Spain in May and back to france for Christmas


II is unique in having the 21 (or more) days holdback before distributing deposits to II as a whole. The mention of Marriott being expensive is also true, but some people prefer the expectation of Marriott quality and trade mostly within the Marriott system. I feel they are too expensive to buy and own and have traded into resorts I like even better than Marriott (I have stayed at 2 Marriotts), but then I have traded into a few dumps as well. You can trade Marriott weeks thru the independents and a few of the older Marriotts trade through RCI as well as II.

which resorts do you prefer to marriott?
have you visited Pine Cliffs, Portugal?


Thanks for your timeshare background.  I enjoy hearing how others have ended up as 'timesharers' as we all have a different story to tell.....some more fraught than others!

I agree about the benefits of Los Claveles maintenance being kept so low.  That's the beauty of having an owners' committee.  I also realise it's not on a par with Marriot resorts but most folk who own seem fairly happy with the resort, especially since the refurbishments are well under way now.


Originally posted by nigelj

which resorts do you prefer to marriott?
have you visited Pine Cliffs, Portugal?

The Royals in Cancun, Innseasons resorts in New Hampshire and an affiliate in Maine,a couple of Orlando resorts and the very small Peek'NPeak in western New York. I'm referring to total resort experience and not just decor.

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