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Started by Boss Man, June 24, 2006, 18:51:29

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Boss Man

As many existing members will know, over the past few weeks, things have gotten heated in the Sunterra forum. This has been prompted along by the truths being revealed about Sunterra and the issues with Sunterra Corporation that have been in the news. Many of the members here are from the Yahoo Sunterra Group so know each other. There have been issues of bad language, innuendo, threats, provocation and such.

Whilst Timesharetalk aims to be an "open" forum for timeshare owners with little or no "censorship", behaviour like this will not be tolerated, at all.

This is the line of moderation that will be applied -

1) Posts will be edited / deleted as necessary that are found to be inappropriate, by either Tom or Jeff, the Sunterra moderators.

2) Posts will be edited / deleted as necessary that are found to be inappropriate, by myself.

Any members found to be the cause of the above will be -

1) In the first instance, warned.
2) If they continue after the warning, their membership will be deleted, email address(es) banned, and banned from viewing the site by several means.
3) Should a person circumnavigate the banning and re-join and continue, their ISP will be contacted and proceedings will be commenced against them.

If you have a complaint against another member and their post, please contact me direct either my PM or email and I will look at the post(s) concerned. If found to be not to my liking, I will edit/remove the post and warn the member.

When I am unable to be on the site, my partner will now be keeping and eye on things and reporting to me.

Please do not fight fire with fire, this will only make matters worse. Don't let the fire start in the first place and don't be the person that puts the match to the paper.

I have far better things to do with my time than cleaning up a "battlefield" that has no reason to be a battlefield. Heated discussions and hatred will only promote a negative image of the product and this is not what we want to do.

Timeshare is a fantastic product, but sometimes, a company selling that product does things wrong, and this is the case with Sunterra.

Let the facts come out and let law and order take it's route, this is why we have police, judges, investigators and legislation in place.

Thank you for your time and co-operation, and welcome to the site.

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